728 Pages
    by Routledge

    728 Pages
    by Routledge

    Japanese: A Comprehensive Grammar is a complete reference guide to modern Japanese grammar.

    Accessible and systematic, it explores the complexities of the language thoroughly, filling many gaps left by other textbooks.

    Clear grammar points are put in context using examples from a range of Japanese media. The emphasis is firmly on contemporary Japanese as spoken and written by native speakers.

    Key features of the book include:

    • coverage of colloquial and standard Japanese
    • extensive cross-referencing
    • detailed index of Japanese and English terms
    • up-to-date real examples of current usage
    • greater emphasis on structures that learners find particularly confusing
    • glossary of linguistic terms.

    Written by experts in their fields, Japanese: A Comprehensive Grammar will prove a lasting and reliable resource for all learners of Japanese.

    1. Nouns  2. Case Particles  3. Phrasal Particles  4. Numbers and Counters  5. Demonstrative/Interrogative Words and Pronouns  6. Adjectives  7. Verbs, Valency, Copula and Sentence Types  8. Tense and Aspect Endings  9. Modal Endings  10. Adverbs  11. Adverbial Particles  12. Passive Sentences  13. Causative and Causative Passive Sentences  14. Potential and Spontaneous Sentences  15. Performative Sentences  16 Honorific and Humble Forms (Subject- and Object-Honorifics)  17. Negation and Negative Sentences  18. Questions  19. Sentence-Final Particles  20. Imperative Sentences, Commands and Requests  21. Quotation: to, to iu, tte and ni yoru to  22. Nominalizations  23. Conjoining  24. Conjunctions  25. Conjunctive Forms  26. Conjunctive Particles  27. Abbreviations: Truncation and Ellipsis  28. Stylistic Effects and Point of View


    Stefan Kaiser is Special Professor at Kokugakuin University, Japan, and Emeritus Professor at the University of Tsukuba, Japan.

    Yasuko Ichikawa was previously Professor at the International Center, University of Tokyo, Japan.

    Noriko Kobayashi was previously Professor at the University of Tsukuba, Japan.

    Hilofumi Yamamoto is Associate Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

    'The approach taken in this book is data-driven, and the breadth of the structure patterns found in the data is quite remarkable. Moreover, as mentioned in the preface, the data revealed some gaps between the pedagogical or prescriptive grammar and the actual use of the language ... There is no doubt that the authenticity and the richness of the examples make this book a fine addition to the existing list of books on Japanese grammar.' - Linguist List, September 2001

    '... this reference grammar comes into its own as an extremely valuable and usable source of information, complementing many textbooks, and filling the gaps which they unavoidably leave.' - Forum for Modern Language

    'Japanese: a comprehensive grammar will certainly be appearing on my new reading lists. - Royal Asiatic Society