1st Edition

Japanese And American Agriculture Tradition And Progress In Conflict

By Luther Tweeten Copyright 1993
    462 Pages
    by Routledge

    461 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book includes papers presented in a one-day symposium and four discussion-group sessions during the International Association of Agricultural Economists Conference on "Comparative Analysis of Food Demand/Consumption and Agricultural Structure/Supply in the United States and Japan" in 1991.

    1. Overview 2. Japanese Agriculture: Characteristics, Institutions, and Policies, 3. Present Issues of Sustainable Land Use Systems and Rural Communities in Japan 4. Japanese Farm Structure: Trends and Projections 5. American Agriculture: Organization, Structure, Institutions, and Policy 6. Sustainable Food and Agricultural Policies: A U.S. Perspective 7. Structural Change in American Agriculture into the Next Century 8. Food Consumption in Japan 9. Factors of Growth in Japanese Food Industries: 1980-1988 10. American Food System Structure and Consumption 11. American Food-Away-From-Home Consumption 12. Japanese Consumer Demand 13. Sources of U.S. Food Consumption Data 14. Food Demand Models for Forecasting 15. Japanese Agricultural Supply: Determinants of Workforce in Agriculture and a Note on Commodity Supply Response 16. American Agricultural Supply 17. The Political Economy of Rice in Japan 18. A New Phase for Rice in Japan: Production, Marketing, and Policy Issues 19. Rice and Food Security in Japan: An American Perspective 20. Impacts of Trade Arrangements on Farm Structure and Food Demand: A Japanese Perspective 21. The Impact of Trade Arrangements on Farm Exports: A U.S. Perspective 22. Regional Research: Possibilities for the Organization and Management of International Cooperative Research 23. Discussion Group Summary