1st Edition

Japanese Management Tradition and Transition

By Arthur M. Whitehill Copyright 1991

    First published in 1991, Japanese Management succeeds in filling a major gap by providing a thorough account of the evolution and day-to-day practices of management within the Japanese firm. The 14 chapters not only build the historical framework and modern cultural, economic, and social setting, but also effectively deal with the process of management. The final two chapters address some future challenges facing Japanese firms as they operate in the global business environment. This comprehensive book is a must read for students of business management.

    List of Figures List of Tables Preface Part I: The imprint of history 1. Shoguns and merchants 2. Emperors and entrepreneurs Part II: The modern setting 3. Culture and values 4. Economic and social forces 5. The structure of industry Part III: The process of management 6. Organization and planning 7. Staffing 8. Leadership and career development 9. The compensation system 10. Motivation and evaluation 11. Communication 12. Improving organizational effectiveness Part IV: Scenarios for the future 13. Current challenges to Japanese management 14. Japan in the ‘Century of the Pacific’ Index


    Arthur M. Whitehill