1st Edition

Japanese Tourists Socio-Economic, Marketing, and Psychological Analysis

By Kaye Sung Chon, Tsutomu Inagaki Copyright 2001
    234 Pages
    by Routledge

    234 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Find out how to entertain all types of Japanese tourists from student groups to retirees!

    Would a Japanese traveler rather see pictures of beautiful landscapes or smiling Japanese couples in a tourist brochure? Will you attract more Japanese tour groups by promising them independence and adventure or excellent food? Given the importance of Japanese tourists to the global travel industry, understanding their travel-related behavior has become an essential item in the tourism research agenda. Japanese Tourists: Socio-Economic, Marketing, and Psychological Analysis investigates the specific needs, behaviors, and desires of this growing segment of the international tourism market.

    Japanese tourists spend billions of dollars abroad every year, and travel destinations as far apart as Australia and Manhattan compete fiercely for their custom. By taking cultural traits into account, travel industry professionals can better understand exactly what kinds of amenities, accommodations, service, and total experience Japanese travelers are looking for. This volume of original research and well-grounded theory elucidates the specific factors that go into Japanese travel and buying decisions, whether the travelers are Japanese ”office ladies” seeking bargains in Hong Kong or a group of senior citizens hoping to see the Northern Lights.

    Japanese Tourists: Socio-Economic, Marketing, and Psychological Analysis discusses a full range of issues crucial to attracting Japanese tourism, including:

    • how stage of life affects travel behavior
    • why Japanese people book overseas weddings and group honeymoon tours
    • whether legalized gambling would increase or discourage Japanese tourism in Hawaii
    • how issues of perceived safety affect choice of travel destinations
    • what souvenirs mean in Japanese culture
    • which travel images are most likely to attract Japanese tourists
    • what sources of information Japanese travelers use to help them select destinations
    Japanese Tourists offers the most up-to-date international studies on the socioeconomic, marketing, and psychological factors affecting Japanese people traveling abroad. This volume is an invaluable resource for travel professionals seeking to break into the tough but lucrative Japanese outbound-tourism market.

    • Preface
    • Buyer Behavior in the Japanese Travel Trade: Advancements in Theoretical Frameworks
    • Age and Cohort Effects: An Examination of Older Japanese Travelers
    • The Japanese Vacation Visitor to Alaska: A Preliminary Examination of Peak and Off Season Traveler Demographics, Information Source Utilization, Trip Planning, and Customer Satisfaction
    • Hong Kong as a Travel Destination: An Analysis of Japanese Tourists' Satisfaction Levels, and the Likelihood of Them Recommending Hong Kong to Others
    • Social and Cultural Factors Influencing Tourists' Souvenir-Purchasing Behavior: A Comparative Study on Japanese “Omiyage” and Korean “Sunmul”
    • Japanese Tourists' Experience of the Natural Environments in North QLD Region--Great Barrier Reef Experience
    • Packaging a Resort: An Analysis of Japanese Ski Holiday Package Tour Brochures
    • Journeys for Experiences: Japanese Independent Travelers in Scotland
    • Travel-Related Behavior of Japanese Leisure Tourists: A Review and Discussion
    • The Japanese Travel Life Cycle
    • Meeting the Needs of Japanese Consumers: Hotels in Japan and the United States
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


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