1st Edition

Japan's Continental Adventure

By Ching-Chun Wang Copyright 1940
    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book contains eighteen studies on various important phases of Japan’s invasion of China. The appendix contains the historical declaration by Chiang-Kai-shek setting forth clearly the reasons why China took up arms against Japanese aggression, and a lucid chapter by the veteran sinologist Owen Lattimore on what Korea pays for Japan’s rule. Ever since the invasion of Manchuria by Japan in September 1931 the writer called attention to the fact that, in view of the League commitments, aggression in the East, if not properly stopped according to the League Covenant, would encourage aggression to spread beyond the limits of Asia.


    1. The Invasion of Manchuria  2. Japan’s Rights and Grievances  3. The Battle of Shanghai and the League of Nations  4. The Sale of the Chinese Eastern Railway  5. The Pan-Asiatic Doctrine of Japan.  6. Japan Crosses the Great Wall  7. Theodore Roosevelt and Japan’s Monroe Doctrine  8. The Canton-Hankow Railway Plays its Part  9. Isolation and Neutrality 10. Extraterritoriality in China and Japan’s Designs  11. What does China Fight For? 12.The Japanese "Open Door"13.British Interests in China  14. The Fate of Shanghai  15. Japan’s New Weapon  16. Japan’s War on China’s Institutions of Higher Education  17. The Sack of Nanking  18. Japan’s Invasion of China and the Pacific Powers  19. The Third Anniversary of China’s Armed Resistance  Appendix A:Why China Resorts to Armed Resistance. B:What Korea pays for Japanese Rule.  Index.


    Ching-Chun Wang

    'This book is not an unfair presentation of the case from the Chinese point of view...’ - The Guardian

    'The author...shows what Korea pays for Japanese rule...’- The Times

    'A fine contribution to the solution of Sino-Japanese conflict...’- Railway Review