1st Edition

Jean-Baptiste Say Critical Assessments of Leading Economists

    1676 Pages
    by Routledge

    Jean-Baptiste Say (1767-1832) is remembered primarily for Say's Law, one of the cornerstones of classical economics. The success of his Traite d'economie Politique made Say the best-known expositor of Adam Smith in Europe and America, and he became France's first professor of political economy.
    The set covers the following themes:
    * Say in the history of economics
    * classical statements on Say's Law
    * later statements on Say's Law (the prelude to the General Theory)
    * the Keynesian Revolution and the attack on Say's Law
    * Lange, Say's Law and the demand for money
    * modern reconstructions of Say's Law
    * commentaries on classical views relating to Say's Law
    * Retrieving the classical understanding of Say's Law.

    Part I: J.-B. Say in the History of Economics
    Part II: Classical Statements on Say's Law - General Gluts, Demand Failure and the Business Cycle
    Part III: Later-Classical Statements on Say's Law - the Prelude to the General Theory
    Part IV: The Keynsian Revolution and the Attack on Say's law
    Part V: Lange, Say's Law and the Demand for Money
    Part VI: Modern Reconstructions of Say's Law
    Part VII: Commentaries on Classical Views Relating to Say's Law: (i) Histories of Say's Law (ii) Karl Marx (iii) Thomas Robert Malthus (iv) James Mill and John Stuart Mill
    Part VIII: Retrieving the Classical Understanding of Say's Law