1st Edition

Jean Froissart A Dual Language Anthology

Edited By Kristen M. Figg, R. Barton Palmer Copyright 2002

    First published in 2002. Jean Froissart is probably the best known medieval historians. His Chronicle (of the Hundred Years War) is among the top ten historical works in western civilization. In his own time, though, he was better known as a poet. This is the first dual language anthology including excepts from Chroniques , as well as several of his verse and prose.

    Le Paradys d'Amour * L'Espinette amoureuse * Le Joli Buisson de Jonece * Dits * Debats * Pastourelles and Independent Lyrics * Meliador


    Kristen M. Figg is Associate Professor of English at Kent State University, Salem Campus.