1st Edition

Jean Piaget

Edited By S. Modgil, C. Modgil, G. Brown Copyright 1983
    274 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This book was first published in 1983.

    Part 1 Editors' introduction 1 Jean Piaget (1896-1980): the continuing debate Part 2 Introduction 2 Interdisciplinary epistemology Part 3 Cross-cultural psychology 3 Cross-cultural studies of Piaget's theory 4 Cross-cultural conservation studies at the asymptote: striking out against the curve? Part 4 Education 5 Piaget and education: a positive comment 6 The myth of Pia get 's contribution to education Part 5 Educational psychology 7 Piaget's attitudes to education 8 Piaget's theory and educational psychology Part 6 Language 9 Language and communication: Pia get 's influence 10 Cognitive structures and verbalized beliefs Part 7 Moral development 11 Approaches to moral development: Piagetian influences 12 Piagetian psychology of moral development: some persisting issues Part 8 Philosophy 13 Reflections on 'The Growth of Logical Thinking' 14 Piaget: possible worlds or real worlds? Part 9 Social psychology 15 Social cognition: the case for Pia get 16 Social cognition and Pia get : a case of negative transfer? Part 10 Sociology 17 Towards a Piagetian theory of social development 18 Pia get in a social context: views from the left Part 11 Conclusion