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Jenny Stanford Series on the High-Tech of Biotechnology

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Bioluminescent Microbial Biosensors Design, Construction, and Implementation

Bioluminescent Microbial Biosensors: Design, Construction, and Implementation

1st Edition

Edited By Gerald Thouand, Robert S. Marks
December 02, 2015

This book describes the design and the use of bioluminescent biosensors. It introduces beginners and experienced researchers starting in the microbiological biosensor domain to the practical aspects of building a luminescent microbial biosensor. It is also a source of information about other ...

Nanomaterials for Water Management Signal Amplification for Biosensing from Nanostructures

Nanomaterials for Water Management: Signal Amplification for Biosensing from Nanostructures

1st Edition

Edited By Robert S. Marks, Ibrahim Abdulhalim
August 03, 2015

The interest in finding reliable and highly sensitive sensors for water quality control has grown recently empowered by the explosion of cutting-edge technologies such as nanotechnologies, optoelectronics, and computing on one hand and by the increasing need for more secure control of water quality...

Electrochemical Biosensors

Electrochemical Biosensors

1st Edition

Edited By Serge Cosnier
January 26, 2015

Since four decades, rapid detection and monitoring in clinical and food diagnostics and in environmental and biodefense have paved the way for the elaboration of electrochemical biosensors. Thanks to their adaptability, ease of use in relatively complex samples, and their portability, ...

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