1st Edition

Jevons Critical Responses

Edited By Sandra Peart
    1572 Pages
    by Routledge

    William Stanley Jevons was a self-proclaimed revolutionary, whose struggle under what he called the 'Noxious authority' of John Stuart Mill in economic circles is well-known. He was highly critical of the labour theory of value and the wages fund theory attributed to David Ricardo, and offered his own theory of exchange value which he contrasted to the 'mazy and preposterous' notions of English Classical economists.

    Volume I
    Part 1. On the Value of Gold
    Part 2. The Coal Question
    Volume II
    Part 3. The Labouring Classes
    Part 4. The Condition of the Coinage
    Volume III
    Part 5. The Theory of Political Economy
    Part 6. Economic Fluctuations
    Volume IV
    Part 7. Logic
    Part 8. On Economic and Statistical Methods
    Part 9. Miscellaneous Reviews
    Part 10. Obituaries