1st Edition

Jewish American Literature since 1945 An Introduction

By Stephen Wade Copyright 1999

    Jewish American writing is an exciting and controversial genre within post-war literature. Jewish American Literature since 1945 offers a student guide to the major writers, their key works, and their cultural and philosophical backgrounds. The theoretical underpinnings of the literature--including the postmodern, the masternarrative and metafiction--are also introduced in an accessible form. The themes, issues and philosophies of key writers such as Saul Bellow, Erica Jong, Arthur Miller, Cynthia Ozick, Philip Roth, and Isaac Bashevis Singer are inter-related, and wider literary and historical topics are explained.

    Introduction; Chapter 1 The Historical and Literary Foundations; Chapter 2 Seminal Influences; Chapter 3 Jewish-American Themes in Fiction I; Chapter 4 Jewish-American Themes in Fiction II; Chapter 5 Explorations in Drama; Chapter 6 Poetry Across the Generations; Chapter 7 The Mediation of Jewishness in Cultural Texts; Chapter 8 Relocating Moralism in Jewish America; Chapter 9 New Directions Across the Generations; Chapter 10 Conclusion;


    Stephen Wade is Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Huddersfield, England, and author of Christopher Isherwood (Macmillan, 1991) and Three Jewish American Novels (English Association, 1995).