240 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    Jewish Ethics: The Basics demonstrates how ancient and contemporary ideas have shaped and reshaped Jewish traditions about how to act toward others. Readers are introduced to foundational questions, controversies, and diverse ethical conclusions developed by Jewish thinkers throughout the ages. Topics addressed include:

    • Assumptions about Authority

    • Love, Compassion, Justice and Humility

    • Human Rights, War, Land and Power 

    • Gender and Sexuality

    • Personal and Social Ethics

    • Environmental and Animal Ethics

    • Bioethical Issues 

    Concise, readable and engaging, this is the ideal introduction for anyone interested in religious ethics, secular traditions, Judaism, and the field of Jewish ethics.

    1. Whose Voices Are Included in Jewish Ethics?  2. Classical Rabbinic Ethics  3. Two Versions of Medieval Jewish Ethics  4. Modern Jewish Ethics without God  5. Modern Jewish Theological Ethics


    Geoffrey D. Claussen is Lori and Eric Sklut Professor in Jewish Studies, Professor of Religious Studies, and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Elon University, USA.

    “Any book on Jewish ethics that includes so many elements - classical and modern texts, theological and secular ethics, Maimonides and contemporary feminist thought - would be impressive. This book introduces all of these things and more, while remaining highly readable, concise, and generous in its analysis.”

    Emily Filler (Washington and Lee University)