1st Edition

Jewish Writers of Latin America A Dictionary

Edited By Darrell B. Lockhart Copyright 1997
    646 Pages
    by Routledge

    646 Pages
    by Routledge

    Jewish writing has only recently begun to be recognized as a major cultural phenomenon in Latin American literature. Nevertheless, the majority of students and even Latin American literary specialists, remain uninformed about this significant body of writing. This Dictionary is the first comprehensive bibliographical and critical source book on Latin American Jewish literature. It represents the research efforts of 50 scholars from the United States, Latin America, and Israel who are dedicated to the advancement of Latin American Jewish studies. An introduction by the editor is followed by entries on 118 authors that provide both biographical information and a critical summary of works. Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico-home to the largest Jewish communities in Latin America-are the countries with the greatest representation, but there are essays on writers from Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Cuba.

    Chapter 1 Absatz, Cecilia (Argentina; 1943), Darrell B. Lockhart; Chapter 2 Agosín, Marjorie (Chile; 1955), Elizabeth Rosa Horan; Chapter 3 Aguinis, Marcos (Argentina; 1935), Rita Gardiol; Chapter 4 Barnatán, Marcos Ricardo (Argentina; 1946), Dennis A. Klein; Chapter 5 Berman, Sabina (Mexico; 1954), Nora Glickman; Chapter 6 Bibliowicz, Azriel (Colombia; 1949), Darrell B. Lockhart; Chapter 7 Blaisten, Isidoro (Argentina; 1933), Cristina Guzzo; Chapter 8 Borinsky, Alicia (Argentina; 1946), Cola Franzen; Chapter 9 Bortnik, Aída (Argentina; 1942), Nora Glickman; Chapter 10 Brailovsky, Antonio Elio (Argentina; 1946), Clark M. Zlotchew; Chapter 11 Budasoff, Natalio (Argentina; 1903–81), Darrell B. Lockhart; Chapter 12 Calny, Eugenia (Pseud. of Fany Eugenia Kalnitzky de Brener; Argentina; 1929), Susan Romain Speirs; Chapter 13 Chejfec, Sergio (Argentina; 1956), David William Foster; Chapter 14 Chirom, Perla (Argentina; 1937), Darrell B. Lockhart; Chapter 15 Chocrón, Isaac (Venezuela; 1930), Milágro Larson; Chapter 16 Chudnovsky, José (Argentina; 1915–66), Darrell B. Lockhart; Chapter 17 Cohen, Marcelo (Argentina; 1951), Claudia Ferman; Chapter 18 Cohen, Sandro (Mexico; 1953), Daniela Schuvaks; Chapter 19 Costantini, Humberto (Argentina; 1924–87), Darrell B. Lockhart; Chapter 20 Cozarinsky, Edgardo (Argentina; 1939), Marcelo Willcham; Chapter 21 Diament, Mario (Argentina; 1942), David William Foster; Chapter 22 Dickmann, Max (Argentina; 1902–91), Allan Metz; Chapter 23 Dines, Alberto (Brazil; 1932), Regina Igel; Chapter 24 Dorfman, Ariel (Chile; 1942), Salvador Oropesa; Chapter 25 Dragún, Osvaldo (Argentina; 1929), Gustavo Geirola; Chapter 26 Dujovne Ortiz, Alicia (Argentina; 1939), Carmen de Urioste; Chapter 27 Dzialovsky, Francisco (Brazil; date unknown), Darrell B. Lockhart; Chapter 28 Eichelbaum, Samuel (Argentina; 1894–1967), Maggi Salgado Gordon; Chapter 29 Espinoza, Enrique (Pseud, of Samuel Glusberg; Argentina; 1898–1987), Allan Metz; Chapter 30 Feierstein, Ricardo


    Darrell B. Lockhart

    "This pioneering work organizes a large literary area little known to North American readers. Recommended for all large Latin American and Jewish literature collections." -- Choice
    "At last, a comprehensive dictionary of Latin American Jewish writers, useful to historians, lovers of literature, and literary critics alike. The editor and contributors deserve our thanks for...a reliable and authentic guide to the field." -- Latin American Jewish Studies
    "The signed, scholarly essays provide solid introductions to the works of each writer... Highly recommended for academic and other collections supporting ethnic collections." -- Lawrence Looks at Books