1st Edition

Joan Robinson Critical Assessments of Leading Economists

    2208 Pages
    by Routledge

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    A passionate theorist and socialist, Joan Robinson made major contributions to the field of economics during her lifetime.
    Active in the profession for fifty years, she worked through a number of major upheavals to the received orthodoxy of economics and, in many cases, was at the forefront of the controversies. Her style was provocative and challenged the leaders in the field.
    This collection gathers together outstanding material which not only illustrates Robinson's intellectual path but, in doing so, documents the major debates in economic theory.

    Volume One
    Part I: Biographical Studies
    Part II: Imperfect Competition
    Volume Two
    Part III: Exploring Keynes
    Part IV: Marxian Economics
    Volume Three
    Part V: Accumulation
    Part VI: Capital Theory
    Volume Four
    Part VII: Capital Theory, continued
    Volume Five
    Part VIII: Economic Methodology
    Part IX: Development Economics
    Part X: An Introduction to Modern Economics
    Part XI: Collections
    Part XII: Joan Robinson and her Circle
    Part XIII: Obituaries