1st Edition

Joanna Baillie A Selection of Poems and Plays

By Amanda Gilroy Copyright 2002

    This work includes Joanna Baillie's important poems and critical prefaces, the tragedies "De Montfort" and "Basil", and the comedy, "The Alienated Manor", together with substantial extracts from her other works.

    The Plays Plays on the Passions: Introductory Discourse; De Monfort; Extract from the Preface to the Third Volume of Plays on the Passions; Miscellaneous Plays: The Family Legend The Poems Metrical Legends: Preface to Metrical Legends; The Legend of Lady Griseld Baillie; Fugitive Verses: Preface to Fugitive Verses, 'A Winter's Day'; 'A Proud Lover's Farewell to his Mistress'; 'A Reverie'; 'A Mother to her Waking Infant'; Miscellaneous Poetry written since the year 1790: 'Lines on the Death of Sir Walter Scott'; 'Epilogue to the Theatrical Representation at Strawberry Hill'; 'To a Child'; 'London'; 'Verses to our own Flowery Kirtled Spring'; 'Lines to a Teapot'; 'The Moody Seer: A Ballad'; 'The Kitten'; 'Rhymes for Chanting'; 'Devotional Song for a Negro Child'; 'Recollections of a dear and steady Friend'; 'Lines to Agnes Baillie on her Birthday'; 'Verses written in February, 1827'; 'Lines for a Friend's Album'; 'Address to a Steamvessel'; 'Song, Woo'd and Married and a; 'A Song (It was on a morn)'; 'Hooly and Fairly'; 'The Weary Pund o' Tow'; 'Volunteer's Song'; 'A Scotch Song (The gowan glitters on the sward)'; 'To Mrs Siddons'; 'Song (Sweet power of song!)'; 'Song (O, welcome, bat and owlet gray)'; Verses on Sacred Subjects: 'Hymn (Almighty God, from whom our being came)'; 'Hymn for the Scotch Kirk (O God! who madest earth, sea, air)'; 'St. Luke, VII. 12'; Notes to plays; Notes to poems