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1st Edition

John Dos Passos

Edited By

Barry Maine

ISBN 9780415849845
Published March 7, 2013 by Routledge
304 Pages

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Book Description

This set comprises 40 volumes covering 19th and 20th century European and American authors. These volumes will be available as a complete set, mini boxed sets (by theme) or as individual volumes.
This second set complements the first 68 volume set of Critical Heritage published by Routledge in October 1995.

Table of Contents

Part 1 THREE SOLDIERS; Chapter 1 1.John Peale Bishop, Review, Vanity Fair; Chapter 2 Coningsby Dawson, ‘Insulting the Army’, New York Times Book Review; Chapter 3 3. Henry Seidel Canby, ‘Human Nature under Fire’, New York Evening Post Book Review; Chapter 4 Francis Hackett, ‘Doughboys’, New Republic; Chapter 5 Norman Shannon Hall, ‘John Dos Passos Lies!’, Foreign Service; Chapter 6 6. H.L.Mencken, review, Smart Set; Chapter 7 7. Unsigned review, ‘Blow at Americanism’, Chicago Tribune; Part 2 ONE MAN'S INITIATION—1917; Chapter 8 8. Lloyd R.Morris, ‘Dos Passos in Perspective’, New York Times Book Review; Chapter 9 9. Unsigned review, New York Evening Post Literary Review; Chapter 10 10. Unsigned review, Bookman(New York); Chapter 11 11.Constance Black, review, New York Herald Tribune Books; Part 3 MANHATTAN TRANSFER; Chapter 12 Henry Longan Stuart, review,New York Times Book Review; Chapter 13 Sinclair Lewis, ‘Manhattan at Last!’,Saturday Review; Chapter 14 14. Michael Gold, review, New Masses; Chapter 15 15. D.H.Lawrence, review, Calender of Modern Letters; Chapter 16 16. Paul Elmer More, ‘Modern Currents’, from; Part 4 THE 42nd PARALLEL; Chapter 17 17. Mary Ross, review, New York Herald Tribune Books; Chapter 18 18. Fanny Butcher, review, Chicago Tribune; Chapter 19 19. Edmund Wilson, review, New Repub; Chapter 20 20. Upton Sinclair, review, New Masses; Chapter 21 21. Unsigned review, Bookman (New York); Chapter 22 V.S.Pritchett, The Age of Speed', Spectator; Chapter 23 Granville Hicks, ‘Dos Passos's Gifts’, New Republic; Part 5 1919 March 1932; Chapter 24 Mary Ross, review, New York Herald Tribune Books; Chapter 25 John Chamberlain, ‘News Novel’, New York Times Book Review; Chapter 26 Matthew Josephson, ‘A Marxist Epic’, Saturday Review; Chapter 27 Compton Mackenzie, ‘Film or Book?’, Daily Mail; Chapter 28 L.A.G.Strong, review, Spectator; Chapter 29 K.Selvinsky and P.Pavlenko, ‘Russia to John Dos Passos,’ International Literature; Chapter 30 30. Michael Gold, ‘The Education of John Dos Passos’, The English Journal; Chapter 31 Clifford Bower-Shore, review, Bookman (London); Part 6 THE BIG MONEY August 1936; Chapter 32 Bernard De Voto, ‘John Dos Passos: Anatomist of Our Time,’ Saturday Review; Chapter 33 Horace Gregory, ‘Dos Passos Completes His Modern Trilogy’, New York Herald Tribune Books; Chapter 34 Malcolm Cowley, ‘The End of a Trilogy’, New Republic; Chapter 35 Alvah C.Bessie, review, Brooklyn Daily Eagle; Chapter 36 Unsigned review, Times Literary Supplement; Chapter 37 Goronwy Rees, review, Spectator; Chapter 38 T.K.Whipple, ‘Dos Passos and the U.S.A.', Nation; Chapter 39 Michael Gold,‘The Keynote to Dos Passos’Works', Daily Worker; Chapter 40 Lionel Trilling, ‘The America of John Dos Passos’, Partisan Review; Chapter 41 Granville Hicks, ‘The Moods and Tenses of John Dos Passos’, New Masses; Chapter 42 Jean-Paul Sartre, ‘John Dos Passos and 1919’; Chapter 43 Delmore Schwartz, ‘John Dos Passos and the Whole Truth’, Southern Review; Part 7 ADVENTURES OF A YOUNG MAN June 1939; Chapter 44 John Chamberlain, review, Saturday Review; Chapter 45 Alfred Kazin, ‘American History in the Life of One Man’, New York Herald Tribune Books; Chapter 46 Malcolm Cowley, ‘Disillusionment’, New Republic; Chapter 47 John Mair, review, New Statesman; Chapter 48 48.Samuel Sillen, ‘Misadventures of John Dos Passos’,New Masses; Chapter 49 Edmund Wilson, letter to Dos Passos; Chapter 50 James T.Farrell, ‘Dos Passos and his Critics’,American Mercury; Chapter 51 Wilbur Schramm, ‘Careers at Crossroads’, Virginia Quarterly Review; Chapter 52 Alfred Kazin, ‘Dos Passos and the Lost Generation’,from On Native Grounds; Part 8 NUMBER ONE March 1943; Chapter 53 53 Stephen Vincent Benét, review, New York Herald Tribune Books; Chapter 54 54 Alfred Kazin, ‘Where Now Voyager?’, New Republic; Part 9 THE GRAND DESIGN January 1949; Chapter 55 55 Edmund Wilson, letter to Dos Passos; Chapter 56 56 Granville Hicks, ‘Dos Passos and his Critics’, American Mercury; Part 10 CHOSEN COUNTRY October 1951; Chapter 57 57 Edmund Wilson, letter to Dos Passos; Chapter 58 58 Arthur Mizener, review, New York Times Book Review; Chapter 59 59 Harrison Smith, ‘Welding the Past and the Present’, Saturday Review; Part 11 MIDCENTURYJanuary 1961; Chapter 60 60. Fanny Butcher, ‘Labor Abuses’, Chicago Sunday Tribune Review of Books; Chapter 61 61. R.A.Fraser, review, San Francisco Chronicle; Chapter 62 62 Harry T.Moore, review, New York Times Book Review; Chapter 63 63 Milton Rugoff, ‘U.S.A. Today: A Dos Passos Montage’, New York Herald Tribune Books; Chapter 64 64 Gore Vidal, review, Esquire; Chapter 65 65 Melvin J.Friedman, review, The Progressive; Chapter 66 66 John Gross, review, New Statesman; Part 12 CENTURY'S EBB August 1975 (posthumously); Chapter 67 67 Malcolm Cowley, review, New York Times Book Review; Chapter 68 68 Townsend Ludington, review, New Republic;

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Barry Maine