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    Locke had a profound influence on the 18th century and beyond. The early reception and interpretation of Locke is illustrated here in original texts, not only important in their own right but providing useful research material for studies on Locke.

    A Dissertation upon the Tenth Chapter of the Fourth Book of Mr Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding [1706] William Caroll 324pp Original Letters of John Locke, Algernon Sidney and Lord Shaftesbury with an Analytical Sketch of the Writings and Opinions of Locke and Other Metaphysicians [1847] Thomas Forster 298pp A Series of Lectures on Locke's Essay [1824] Dionysius Lardner 98pp J. Locke - Sa Vie et Son Oeuvre d'apres des Documents Nouveax [1878] Henri Marion 172pp John Locke: Seine Verstandestheorie und Seine Lehren uber Religion, Staat und Erziehung [1860] Emanuel Scharer 316pp Philosophical Essays on Various Subjects with some remarks on Mr Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding [1742] Isaac Watts 432pp The Intellectualism of Locke: An Essay [1857] Thomas Webb 214pp An Abridgement of Mr Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding [1731] John Wynne 396pp


    John Wynne (1667-1743) was a Welshman from Flintshire who, after graduating from Oxford University in 1685, became a Fellow of Jesus College. William Carroll, Thomas E. Webb, T. Foster, Issac Watts, Emanuel Scharer, Henri Marion, Dionysius Lardner 100