1st Edition

John Ludlow The Autobiography of a Christian Socialist

By A. D. Murray Copyright 1981

    First published in 1981, 'John Ludlow; A Christian Socialist' is an important contribution to the field of History.

    I: Introductory; II: First Residence in France—Trip to Italy—The Revolution of 1830; III: Temporary Return to England 1831 — Second Stay in France 1831–7; IV: Society in the Thirties—Decision as to My Future—The French—West Indies, First Stay, 1837–8; V: A London Boarding House—AConveyancer's Chambers—My Early Impressions of London Society; VI: A Few Impressions of Travel—The Martinique Earthquake—British India Society and Anti—Corn Law League— Second Visit to West Indies; VII: A Crisis in My Own Life *; VIII: My Love for My Cousin Maria Forbes Amor Vatem; IX: A House in Cadogan Place 1843 and Following Years—Beginnings of Work—My Health Breaks Up—Madeira, Spain and Portugal; X: Return to Chambers—Louis Meyer— Beginnings of Literary and Social Work (1845–7); XI: The French Revolution of 1848—Beginning of Intimacy with Mr. Maurice; XII: The 10th April, 1848—Charles Kingsley—Charles Mansfield—Politics for the People—New Friendships; XIII: Little Ormond Yard School—Mr. Maurice's Bible Evenings—Ruskin—Froude—Artisan Allies—Conferences with Working Men; XIV: Stay in France—Sanitary Reform—The Working Tailors' Association—1849–50; XV: The Society for Promoting Working Men's Associations—1850 and Following Years; Promoters, Officers and Well-Wishers—Some French Refugees of 1848; XVI: The Christian Socialist Movement, 1850–4; Associations and Institutions—Literary Work and Lectures—Parliamentary Work; XVII: The Christian Socialist Movement 1850–4—My Co-operative Tour in Lancashire & Yorkshire—My Work at the Bar; XVIII: The Christian Socialist Movement 1850–4—The Establishment of the Central Co-operative Agency—Relations with Trade Unions—The Central Co-operative Agency and the Council of Promoters—My Retirement from the Latter—The Educational Trend of the Movement; XIX: The Christian Socialist Movement 1850–4—Mr. Maurice's King's College Difficulties—The Later Conferences—The Hall of Association—The Co-operative Conference—The Association for Promoting Industrial and Provident Societies; XX: The Christian Socialist Movement 1850–4—The Working Men's College Founded—The Provinces—The Later Co-operative Conferences—The Dying-out of the Movement as an Organised Force; XXI: The Working Men's College; XXII: The Firs, Copse Hill—My Experiences as a Volunteer; XXIII: The Friendly Societies' Commission—The Bills of 1874–5; XXIV: Trade Unions—The Social Service Association (1852–71); XXV: Couldn 't-Have-Beens and Might-Have-Beens


    A. D. Murray