6th Edition

John Pinto’s Little Green Book of Ophthalmology Strategies, Tips and Pearls to Help You Grow and Manage a Practice of Distinction

By John B. Pinto Copyright 2021

    The classic reference text for surgeons and managers alike that has been improving ophthalmic practices for decades, John Pinto’s Little Green Book of Ophthalmology: Strategies, Tips, and Pearls to Help You Grow and Manage a Practice of Distinction, Sixth Edition, has been updated into a new edition. 

    Author John B. Pinto, a world-renowned expert on the business of ophthalmic practice, has brought his decades of expertise to bear in this comprehensive guide to practice management. Inside, Pinto covers everything from the basics of business planning to esoteric and complex topics unique to ophthalmology. 

    Topics include: 

    • Strategic business planning
    • Leadership, governance, and discipline
    • Finance, accounting, and patient accounts management
    • Staff evaluation, training, and supervision
    • Marketing and development
    • Managing physicians
    • Operations enhancement
    • Facility design and management
    • Improving an optical dispensary
    This Sixth Edition features updates and edits throughout the book as well as 9 new appendices covering the latest trends and advice in ophthalmic administration. It is also designed in a flexible format, allowing readers to read it straight through, or just hunt down advice on the focused problems facing their practice.

    As the business of ophthalmology continues to change, the proven guidance of John Pinto’s Little Green Book of Ophthalmology, Sixth Edition, will help any practice adapt and thrive.



    About the Author

    Foreword by Herve Byron, MDIntroductionPinto's Ten Commandments

    Chapter 1 Strategic Business Planning

    Chapter 2 Leadership, Governance, and Discipline

    Chapter 3 Finance, Accounting, and Patient Accounts Management

    Chapter 4 Staff Evaluation, Training, and Supervision

    Chapter 5 Managing Physicians

    Chapter 6 Marketing and Development

    Chapter 7 General Operations Enhancement

    Chapter 8 Facility Design and Management

    Chapter 9 Adding or Improving an Optical Dispensary

    Chapter 10 Clinical Management Pearls

    Chapter 11 Mergers and Acquisitions

    Chapter 12 Provider Career Issues

    Chapter 13 Succession and Retirement PlanningAfterwordPostscriptAppendix A The Ophthalmic Personality: How to Harness the Strengths and Overcome the Obstacles of Being (or Working for)Some of the Brightest Humans on the Planet With Craig N. Piso, PhDAppendix B Strategic Resource Assessment: How to Find What's Missing From Your PracticeAppendix C Scoring the Quality of Your LifeAppendix D Is Our Practice Going to Be Okay? A (Relatively) SimplePractice Performance and Viability

    IndexAppendix E Herve Byron's Practice Evaluation: A Patient's ChecklistAppendix F Making Better Practice Management DecisionsAppendix G Leadership Skills Assessment for Lay Managersand ProvidersAppendix H Helping Your Managers Manage:Hallmarks of Superior SupervisionAppendix I How to Find and Reform or Eliminate the WeakestMembers of Your Practice TeamAppendix J Reverse Engineering From Your Personal Financial Plan toYour Practice's Business TacticsAppendix K Making a Smooth Transition From Solo to Group PracticeAppendix L Pinto's Practice Development Doctrine: Five Easy Rules toHelp You Have Fun and Stay Out of Trouble as You GrowAppendix M Getting Things Done: The Art of Prioritization and ImplementationAppendix N Retinal Practice Performance BenchmarksAppendix O Practice Performance BenchmarksAppendix P Pinto's Surgical Assertiveness

    IndexAppendix Q The Twin Bridges Protocol: A Proposed Methodology toMeasure and Improve Cataract Surgeon SkillsAppendix R Signposts of Surgeon Career and Life Happiness With Craig N. Piso, PhDAppendix S Improving Practice Board MeetingsAppendix T Twenty Rules for Group Practice HarmonyAppendix U Recognizing, Revising Common AdverseOphthalmologist BehaviorsAppendix V Is Eye Care Slowly Industrializing?Appendix W The Benefits of the Physician–AdministratorDyadic Leadership ModelAppendix X Success Factors for Making Mergers WorkAppendix Y Eight Guidelines for Better Practice-Wide CommunicationAppendix Z Assessing the Effectiveness of Your Staff Hiring andManagement PracticesAppendix AA Key Concepts to Enhance Profit GrowthAppendix AB Heads Up: Ten Things Every Owner Should KnowAbout Their PracticeAppendix AC Excess Task Loading: An Overlooked Dimension ofProvider and Practice StressAppendix AD The Biology of Practice BusinessAppendix AE Great Staffing Habits for a Healthy PracticeAppendix AF Seizing Life in Paris, Seizing Life in Your Practice



    John B. Pinto is the most-published author in the United States on ophthalmology practice management topics. He founded J. Pinto & Associates, Inc., an ophthalmic practice management consulting firm, in 1979. Since then, he has provided strategic planning, operations, and marketing advice to pharmaceutical companies, basic science centers, hospitals, multispecialty clinics, and single-specialty facilities. For more than 40 years, a majority of the firm’s service has been to ophthalmic practices ranging from small solo practices to high-volume market leaders, teaching centers, and ophthalmic product companies. He has been active as a practice consultant in North America and Europe and has worked and lectured in South America, New Zealand, Australia, and Asia.

    Pinto is best known as a strategic planning and economic advisor to practices large and small. In addition to covering most dimensions of modern practice operations management, he is a career advisor, providing individual coaching and contract negotiation services to new graduates and midcareer employed ophthalmologists. As a subspecialty interest, Pinto is active in the ever-evolving sphere of refractive surgery and is among the most experienced advisors in this domain, helping surgeons with the growing challenges of this field. His professional life today is rounded out with succession planning, practice appraisals, partner dispute mediation, merger/acquisition counsel, and leadership development for administrators and managing partners.

    A prolific writer, Pinto is the author of several books beyond the classic text you now hold:
    Turnaround: Twenty-One Weeks to Ophthalmic Practice Survival and Permanent Improvement
    Ten Eyecare Practices: Benchmarks for Success Cash Flow: The Practical Art of Earning More From Your Ophthalmology Practice, coauthored with E. Anne Rose
    The Efficient Ophthalmologist Legal Issues in Ophthalmology: A Review for Surgeons and Administrators, coauthored with Alan Reider and Allison Shuren
    The Women of Ophthalmology, coauthored with Elizabeth Davis, MD
    Ophthalmic Leadership: A Practical Guide for Physicians, Administrators, and Teams
    Simple: The Inner Game of Ophthalmic Practice Success, which is a companion text to John Pinto’s Little Green Book of Ophthalmology
    UP: Taking Ophthalmic Administrators and Their Management Teams to the Next Level of Skill, Performance, and Career Satisfaction, coauthored with Corinne Z. Wohl
    Pinto is also the author of Marketing Your Ophthalmic Practice, the first book devoted to the topic. 
    Pinto is a member of the editorial boards of Ocular Surgery News, Ophthalmology Management, Ophthalmology Business, and Premier Surgeon, and a regular contributor to other eye care publications.

    John Pinto is available for individual, practice, and corporate consulting services to supplement this book at: 
    J. Pinto & Associates, Inc.
    2926 Kellogg Street
    Suite B18
    San Diego, CA 92106 
    [email protected]