1st Edition

John Skelton Selected Poems

Edited By Gerald Hammond, John Skelton Copyright 2004

    This book presents a collection of works of John Skelton, the first great modern English poet, who wrote in a vigorous vernacular, taking literary English out of the medieval world and enriching it with new forms and tones. It provides notes and glossary illuminating Skelton's works for the reader.

    Woefully Arrayed
    My Darling Dear, My Daisy Flower
    The Ancient Acquaintance, Madam, Between Us Twain
    Mannerly Margery Milk and Ale
    Womanhood, Wanton, Ye Want
    from The Bouge of Court
    Philip Sparrow
    The Tunning of Elinour Rumming
    Speak, Parrot
    from The Garland of Laurel


    John Skelton was an ordained priest and rector. He was poet laureate at the University of Oxford and Cambridge University, a court poet for King Henry VII, and a tutor to King Henry VIII. Gerald Hammond is a professor of English at the University of Manchester. He is the author of Fleeting Things and The Making of the English Bible, and the editor of Selected Poems: Richard Lovelace.