1st Edition

Jokes Get in Your Eyes

By Lucio Buratto Copyright 2011

    Ophthalmologists encounter patients every day, some who will be facing difficult and extremely delicate surgical procedures. As the physician-patient relationship begins and the ophthalmologist is working to properly diagnose, treat and manage the patient’s condition, they must also play a role in reducing patient anxiety and tension.

    Inside the pages of Jokes Get in Your Eyes, Dr. Lucio Buratto brings a lighter side to the ophthalmology profession. Sometimes a smile can be the first step to reducing patient anxiety and tension. Sometimes laughter can be therapeutic.

    Jokes Get in Your Eyes contains 40 Jokes and 80 cartoon illustrations—all in a pocket size handbook that can easily fit into a lab coat pocket. Reading thru Jokes Get in Your Eyes, ophthalmologists will be able to bring a smile to their day, as well share a joke or two among colleagues.

    From the Foreword:
    With his latest book, Jokes Get in Your Eyes, it is amazing that he was able to accumulate so many jokes related to the eyes. It is refreshing to have a physician who is so well rounded.”
    -Robert M. Sinskey, MD, Jules Stein Eye Institute, University of California at Los Angeles

    Dedication, Preface, Foreword, Jokes


    Lucio Buratto, MD is considered a leading international expert in cataract and myopia surgery. He is a pioneer in IOL implantation; in phacoemulsification; and in laser techniques for myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. Since 1980, Dr. Buratto has organized and presided over 47 updating congresses on cataract and glaucoma surgery and on laser therapy. He also organized 54 practical courses for the teaching of eye surgery and served as spokesman and teacher in 386 courses and congresses.

    In 1989, Dr. Buratto presented and was the world's first surgeon to use the excimer laser for intrastromal keratomileusis, and concurrently also started to treat low myopia using PRK techniques. In 1996, he was the world's first surgeon to use the new technique called "Down-Up LASIK," which improved the LASIK procedure for the correction of myopia. For teaching purposes, Dr. Buratto has performed surgical operations during live surgery sessions for more than 200 international and Italian congresses; performed surgery during satellite broadcasts to 54 countries in 4 different continents; and designed and produced 136 instruments for ocular surgery.

    Dr. Buratto has written over 125 scientific publications and 53 monographs dedicated to ophthalmic surgery and has received several awards, including Maestro of Italian Ophthalmology with Medal of Merit (1998); Barraquer, during the International Congress of the American Academy (2000); Binkhorst Lecture during the XXII Annual Meeting, Paris (2004); and Fyodorov Medal at the HSIOIRS meeting, Athens (2006). Since 2007, Dr. Buratto has been Honorary President of AISO (Italian Academy of Ophthalmological Sciences) and past president of AICCER (Italian Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgery). Presently, he is the director of Centro Ambrosiano Oftalmico (Ophthalmic Microsurgery Center), and practices at his private profession in Milan.