1st Edition

Joseph Opatoshu A Yiddish Writer Between Europe and America

By Sabine Koller Copyright 2013

    This book is an outcome of the international academic conference on Joseph Opatoshu held in Regensburg on 22–24 April 2012. It brings together literary specialists and historians working in Jewish and Slavic Studies.

    1. Joseph Opatoshu's Search for Yidishkayt 2. In New York Velder: Yosef/Joseph Opatoshu— Constructing a Multinational, 20th Century, (very) Modern Yiddish Identity 3. Soviet Dreams of a Cultural Exile 4. Faint Praise: The Early Critical Reception of Joseph Opatoshu's in poylishe velder 5. The Two Souls of Mordkhe: In poylishe velder 6. In poylishe velder and the Brothers Karamazov: A Comparative Study 7. Such a Rag-Bag': The Historical Novel as Spectacle, neo-Hasidic Hagiography, and Pseudo-territory 8. A tog in Regensburg and Elye Bokher: Opatoshu's 1933 Vision of Early Yiddish and Medieval Ashkenazi Culture, his Scholarly-Yiddishist Models, and Means of Representation 9. A tog in Regensburg: Scholarly Research and a Novel's Outline 10. The Flesh and the Spirit: Opatoshu's novel Di tentserin (The Dancer) 11. Cityscapes of Yidishkayt: Opatoshu's New York Trilogy 12. Opatoshu's Eroticism, American Obscenity 13. Yiddish Exceptionalism: Lynching, Race, and Racism in Opatoshu's Lintsheray 14. Mentshn un khayes (1938): Snapshots of Jewish life in America and Europe 15. Literature for Children? The Case of Joseph Opatoshu 16. Bibliography of Joseph Opatoshu


    Sabine Koller