1st Edition

Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications Special Issue

By John J. Benedetto Copyright 1995
    620 Pages
    by CRC Press

    610 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications is a journal of the mathematical sciences devoted to Fourier analysis and its applications. The subject of Fourier analysis has had a major impact on the development of mathematics, on the understanding of many engineering and scientific phenomena, and on the solution of some of the most important problems in mathematics and the sciences. At the end of June 1993, a large Conference in Harmonic Analysis was held at the University of Paris-Sud at Orsay to celebrate the prominent role played by Jean-Pierre Kahane and his numerous achievements in this field. The large variety of topics discussed in this meeting, ranging from classical Harmonic Analysis to Probability Theory, reflects the intense mathematical curiosity and the broad mathematical interest of Jean-Pierre Kahane. Indeed, all of them are connected to his work. The mornings were devoted to plenary addresses while up to four parallel sessions took place in the afternoons. Altogether, there were about eighty speakers. This wide range of subjects appears in these proceedings which include thirty six articles.

    Introduction, On Hn-Solutions of the Bezout Equation in the Ball, On the Cauchy Problem for Periodic KDV-Type Equations, Trace-Formula Methods in Spectral Geometry, An Asymptotically 4-Stable Process, Hilbert Transforms and Maximal Functions Along Variable Flat Plane Curves, Temporal Regularity for Random Walk on Discrete Nilpotent Groups, Convexity Properties of Analytic Complements in Stein Spaces, On a Variational Problem from Image Processing, An Application of Harnack Inequalities to Random Walk on Nilpotent Quotients, Un Exemple Illustrant l'Emploi des Methodes Gaussiennes, Entropy of Algebraic Maps, The Heat Equation and Certain Lie Algebras, Classification of Riemannian Manifolds in Conformally Invariant Potential Theory, Sur les Fonctions Autosimilaires, Finding the First Nodal Line of a Convex Domain, Smoothness of Invariant Curves, Thin Sets, Differentiable Functions, and the Category Method, A Remark on Walsh's Brownian Motions, Kahane's Helson Curve, The Logarithmic Correction for Loop-Erased Walk in Four Dimensions, Seventy Years of Rajchman Measures, A Comparison of Harmonic and Balanced Measures On Cantor Repellors, Factorisation de Wiener-Akutowicz-Helson-Lowdenslager-Masani et Decomposition de Borel-Weil sur des Groupes de Lacets Mesures, Negative ELNA Dimensions and ELNA Holders, Multifractals and Their Holder Spectra, and the Role of Lateral Preasymptotics in Science, Harmonic Forms with Values in Locally Constant Hilbert Bundles, A Problem in Multi-Index Normality, A Double-Weight L2-Inequality for the Kakeya Maximal Function, Finite Type Functions as Limits of Exponential Sums, The Least Possible Value at Zero of Some Nonnegative Cosine Polynomials and Equivalent Dual Problems, Ondelettes et Fonctions D'echelle a Support Compact, Bounds on the Self-Avoiding-Walk Connective Constant, Oscillatory Integrals Related to Radon-like Transforms, The Fractal Analysis of Borei Measures in Rd, Transformation de Legendre et Pseudoconvexite avec Decalage, Multiplicative Cascades: Dimension Spectra and Dependence


    John J. Bendetto Series Editor