1st Edition

Journeys in Social Psychology Looking Back to Inspire the Future

Edited By Robert Levine, Aroldo Rodrigues, Lynnette Zelezny Copyright 2008
    280 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    278 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    This volume consists of personal narrative accounts of the career journeys of some of the world's most eminent social psychologists. Each contributing psychologist is an esteemed scholar, an excellent writer, and has a story to tell. Together, the contributions cover a time range from Morton Deutsch to today, and touch upon virtually every important movement and person in the history of academic social psychology.

    This book provides a fascinating insight into the development of outstanding academic careers and will be a source of inspiration to seasoned researchers and beginning students alike, in the fields of social psychology, history of psychology, and beyond.

    E. Diener, Ed Diener: One Happy Autobiography. R.B. Cialdini, Organizing for Surprises: A Career of Arranging to be Captured. S.E. Taylor, From Social Psychology to Neuroscience and Back. A.H. Eagly, A Career on the Interdisciplinary Divide: Reflections on the Challenges of Bridging the Psychological and the Social. B. Weiner, Life Experiences and their Legacies. P.G. Zimbardo, The Journey from The Bronx to Stanford to Abu Ghraib. A. Rodrigues, The Full Cycle of an Interamerican Journey in Social Psychology. R. Rosenthal, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion: The Story of a Career. H.C. Triandis, An Autobiography: Why Did Culture Shape My Career? B.H. Raven, Toward Understanding Social Power: A Personal Odyssey. H.B. Gerard, A Social Psychologist Examines His Past and Looks to the Future. H.H. Kelley, Some Reflections on Fifty Years in Social Psychology. M. Deutsch, A Career that Spans the History of Modern Social Psychology. R. Levine, L. Zelezny, Conclusions: Looking Back to Inspire the Future.


    Robert Levine, Aroldo Rodrigues, Lynnette Zelezny