174 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    by Eye On Education

    With practical tools and strategies, this book assists readers in identifying their own thinking styles and shows how to overcome roadblocks to good judgment.

    - Judgment
    - Judgment and Problem Solving
    - Thinking
    - Reasoning
    - Problem Identification and Analysis: Scanning, Screening, Focusing, and Mapping
    - Best Alternatives
    - Best Choice
    - A Practice Case
    - Final Thoughts
    - Appendix A: The Seven-Step Problem-Solving Framework
    - Appendix B: SSFM Model
    - Appendix C: The 4D Problem Screening Guide
    - Appendix D: Problem Mapping Guide
    - Appendix E: Choice Chart
    - Appendix F: Weighting Chart
    - Appendix G: Mental Process in Judgment
    - References


    James Sweeney, Diana Bourisaw