1st Edition

Jung and Moreno Essays on the theatre of human nature

Edited By Craig E. Stephenson Copyright 2014
    200 Pages
    by Routledge

    200 Pages
    by Routledge

    To many, Jung and Moreno seem to be on opposite sides in their theories and their practices of psychotherapy. Jung defines self as emerging inwardly in an intrapsychic process of individuation; Moreno defines self as enacted outwardly in psychosocial networks of relationships. Jung and Moreno: Essays on the theatre of human nature shows how Jung and Moreno can be creatively combined to understand better and facilitate therapeutic work.

    Craig E. Stephenson and contributors write about how and why they put together Jung and Moreno. They describe and discuss psychodrama sessions grounded in the fundamentals of Jung’s analytical psychology, as well as dream and fairy tale enactments and individual psychoanalytical sessions in which they employ psychodramatic techniques. The essays retheorize Jungian concepts of transference and complexes in the light of Moreno’s insights. They reframe and deepen traditional psychodramatic techniques by securing them within Jung’s archetypal context.

    Jung and Moreno challenges our understanding of healing practices and the integration of spontaneous unconscious processes, bringing these two ground breaking practitioners to meet collaboratively in the theatre of human nature. The contributions are original and insightful arguments by nine important thinkers. This book will be of interest to psychotherapists, analytical psychologists, psychoanalysts, psychodrama practitioners, drama therapists and students.

    Acknowledgements. List of contributors. Stephenson, Introduction. Elefthery, Theatre or Therapy. Barz, Psychodrama Grounded in the Perspective of Analytical Psychology. Beach, Jungian Psychodrama. Ness, The Drum Time of Psychodrama: Reflections on a Jungian Psychodrama Group. Scategni, Jung, Moreno and Dream Enactment. Hill, Fairy Tale Drama: Enacting Rituals of Play, Laughter, and Tears. Beach,Using Psychodrama in Analysis. Graziosi, Psychodrama and the Resolution of Transference and Counter-transference. Miller, The Loss and Gaining of Timing: Active Imagination in Performance. Kiehl, Encounters with Jung and Moreno on the Road of Bricks and Moss. Index.


    Craig E. Stephenson is a Jungian analyst and psychodrama practitioner. He is a graduate of the C.G. Jung Institut Zürich, the Institut für Psychodrama auf der Grundlage der Jungschen Psychologie, Zumikon, and the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex. His books include Possession: Jung’s comparative anatomy of the psyche (Routledge, 2009) and Anteros: A forgotten myth (Routledge, 2011).

    Contributors: Ellynor Barz, Christopher Beach, Doreen Madden Elefthery, Mariolina Graziosi, John Hill, Emilija Kiehl, Barbara Helen Miller, Siri Ness and Wilma Scategni

    "Jung and Moreno is a fascinating and compelling testament to the therapeutic value of Jungian psychodrama and the integrity of its way of working. It is a feast of practical experience and theoretical reflection, full to the brim with inspiring guidance on working creatively with psychological material. It is said that psychodrama invites the unlived into life. Indeed this quest is shared by analytical psychology, and we read of some remarkable and moving examples in this book." – Robert Macdonald, Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture

    "I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in deepening their knowledge and experience of old and new ways of bringing together artistic and creative approaches with the theory and practice of Jung."- Jane Bacon, International Journal of Jungian Studies (IJJS)

    "This book is sometimes poetic, often enthralling, always informative. From article to article, it takes the reader on a complete tour of Jungian psychodrama from learning its history, to sitting in on a `play’, to actually entering into the actor-protagonist`s experience on stage." – Jan Bauer, Jungian Psychoanalyst, Canada

    "This is indeed a fresh and exciting look at the theories, methods, and benefits of Jungian Psychodrama based in the pioneering work of Jacob Moreno and C. G. Jung. One feels privileged to be taken into the confidence of the artists and practitioners included here as they reimagine with us the mysterious human potential still to be realized through psyche. Their simple yet penetrating accounts will be of the greatest interest to therapists and artists alike." – Richard Trousdell, D.F.A., IAAP,Professor Emeritus of Theater, University of Massachusetts at Amherst