1st Edition

Jungian Arts-Based Research and "The Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico"

By Susan Rowland, Joel Weishaus Copyright 2021
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    Jungian Arts-Based Research and "The Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico" provides clear, accessible and in-depth guidance both for arts-based researchers using Jung’s ideas and for Jungian scholars undertaking arts-based research. The book provides a central extended example which applies the techniques described to the full text of Joel Weishaus’ prose poem The Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico, published here for the first time.

    Designed as a "how-to" book, Jungian Arts-Based Research and "The Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico" explores how Jung contributes to the new arts-based paradigm in psychic functions such as intuition, by providing an epistemology of symbols that includes the unconscious, and research strategies such as active imagination. Rowland examines Jung’s The Red Book as an early example of Jungian arts-based research and demonstrates how this practice challenges the convention of the detached researcher by providing holistic knowing. Arts-based researchers will find here a psychic dimension that also manifests in transdisciplinarity, while those familiar with Jung’s work will find in arts-based research ways to foster diversity for a decolonized academy.

    This unique project will be essential reading for Jungian and post-Jungian academics and scholars, arts-based researchers of all backgrounds and readers interested in transdisciplinarity.


    Chapter 1

    Jung And Arts-Based Research: Introduction

    Chapter 2

    Paradigms for Jungian Arts-Based Research

    Chapter 3

    Epistemology and Methodology for Jungian Arts-Based Research

    Chapter 4

    Jung’s The Red Book as Arts-Based Research

    Chapter 5

    The Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico As Jungian Arts-Based Research

    Chapter 6

    The Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico


    Preface by William L. Fox

    Introduction by Joel Weishaus

    Accidental H-Bomb

    Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce

    Fusion Reactor

    Laguna Cracked

    Chaco Ruins


    Bradbury Museum

    Trinity Site

    University Reactor

    Radium Springs

    Atomic Muse

    Goddard High

    Kirtland Afb

    Homestake Mining


    Radiation Therapy

    Atomic Wrecking

    Laguna With Fish

    Sandia Dinosaurs


    Nuclear Sushi Museum

    Project Gnome

    Rocket Lounge

    Spies Like Flies

    Radon Classroom


    Rio Puerco

    Cannon AFB

    United Nuclear


    Mortandad Canyon

    Missile Park

    Wings Over Trinity

    Star Wars

    Holloman AFB

    Bat Cave



    Waste Isolation

    Kwahu Kachina

    Afterword by Joel Weishaus




    Susan Rowland, PhD, is the author of several books on Jung, literature, gender and creativity, including Jung as a Writer, The Ecocritical Psyche, Remembering Dionysus and Jungian Literary Criticism.

    Joel Weishaus is a poet and digital literary artist. He has published seven books, and his current digital and archived digitized work can be accessed at weishaus.unm.edu.


    "Arts-based research claims to be transdisciplinary but lacks the methodological foundations. In this context, Jungian Arts-Based Research and "The Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico" is a nice surprise. The practical and useful Chapter 6, The Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico, blends science, religion, myth, history, poetry and anthropology. This book brings together Jung and arts-based research in the social sciences, showing them both to anticipate and require the methodology of transdisciplinarity." - Basarab Nicolescu, author of From Modernity to Cosmodernity

    "Rowland has done it again! Having brilliantly re-visioned Jung’s writing through the lenses of feminism, eco-psychology and literary theory, she now directs her scholarly gaze to arts-based research. The results are illuminating. It reveals Jungian psychology as a mode of poetic enquiry into being human. In so doing, Rowland offers arts-based researchers a fresh psychological perspective within which to frame their practice. This is an indispensable book for everyone engaged in understanding the human condition." - Dr Luke Hockley, UKCP, ADIP, FRSA; Professor of Media Analysis, University of Bedfordshire, UK