1st Edition

Jungian Psychotherapy with Medical Professionals Healing the Healer

By Suzanne Hales Copyright 2022
    164 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    164 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    Jungian Psychotherapy with Medical Professionals guides therapists, clinicians, and healthcare workers through the transformative healing process of Jungian psychology, demonstrating how the new spirit of medicine will originate from the relationship between the healer and the healed.

    Through extensive experience and scientific research gathered over the past four decades working closely with physicians, Suzanne Hales presents the telling of their stories that have been historically hushed or hidden away. Hales offers a lifeline for healthcare workers as she weaves together the stories of physicians and their patients with gripping honesty, presenting an intimate glimpse of what happens in the lives of healers and the healed. The book offers support to the healer in need of healing, provides hope for wholeness and restoration, and advocates for those who spend their lifetime advocating for others.

    The book is of great interest to Jungian analysts, therapists, and trainees, and it is essential reading for anyone working in healthcare, including physicians and healers of all kinds in the landscape of modern medicine.

    1: We are alone; 2: The call; 3: Learning to breathe under water; 4: When the heart freezes; 5: From ashes to archetypes; 8: The reclamation of needs; 7: The problem of eros and logos in medicine; 8: The shadow side of medicine; 9: The wounded sexuality of today’s physician; 10: Suffering; 11: A mythic monster named shame; 12: Redeeming the voice of the physician through Jungian pathways; 13: The offering


    Suzanne Hales is a Swiss-trained Jungian analyst in private practice in McKinney, Texas. A licensed marriage and family therapist and professional counselor, she is also an international lecturer and storyteller. She is the President of the C.G. Jung Institute, Dallas, Texas. She is the founder of Counseling and Consulting Associates of North Texas and the Crescent Moon Lodge and Retreat Center in the Kiamichi Wilderness in Oklahoma, where she leads workshops, trainings, and retreats.

    'Dr. Hales’s Healing the Healer is both a personal journey and an analysis of the cost of being a healer. Her book is rich with story, rich with insight, rich with compassion. She is practical and pragmatic, and yet she also gives something rather metaphoric and poetic. One need not be a physician to be moved and enlarged by Hales’s capacity to move through the valley of suffering to understanding, and to wisdom. How she works in a counselling capacity with physicians in distress is brilliant.'
    James Hollis, PhD, Jungian analyst and author of Living Between Worlds: Finding Personal Resilience in Changing Times

    'This book is a must read at a time when doctors and other medical professionals are dealing with an epidemic that demands we recognize the incredible toll it is taking on those who care for the sick, the dying, and their families. Suzanne Hales gives voice to those dedicated professionals who risk their own lives and suffer deep wounding as they work in the realm between life and death. Diving below the surface of the frozen heart, she opens the door of love and understanding, which allows the tears of healing to reach the wounds that are so often hidden from the world.'
    Janis M. Maxwell, PhD, Training Analyst and Faculty of the C.G. Jung Institute in Zürich; Ex-President and Director of Training, Philadelphia Jung Institute; Ex-Director of Training, Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts

    'Dr. Hales brings to the writing of this excellent book the most advanced training in Jungian psychology, four decades of doing therapy with medical professionals, and her own fascinating story of healing and personal growth. Practitioners at all levels of the medical fields, as well as those who offer therapy to them, not only will be instructed by this book, but will also find it inspirational. The book is a powerful challenge to medical educators to prepare their students more adequately for the rigors of the unique demands of their profession.'
    James A. Kitchens, PhD, Professor, University of North Texas


    'Healing the Healer is the personal story of a therapist who for decades has treated the unspoken and often repressed suffering of physicians. By recounting their stories, Dr. Hales opens the reader to the dark traumas shielded from view behind a white coat, and the ways in which a Jungian therapist can open the suffering physician to paths of healing. As an emergency physician with forty years of experience, the stories recounted here echo the challenges I have witnessed repeatedly in my own life and in the lives of my fellow physicians. This is a book of healing that should be read by every therapist who works with physicians.'
    Lance S. Owens, MD, Medical Doctor, University of Utah Medical Center; Attending Physician, Salt Lake City Veteran's Administration Medical Center; Editorial board member of Psychological Perspectives, Journal of the C. G. Jung Institute, Los Angeles, CA


    'In her book, Suzanne Hales does not aim to change the culture of medicine, but rather to help the healer—the 21st-century doctor—find healing through integration as a whole physician, not just an outcomes-driven one. In this, she succeeds admirably. This is a necessary book that should be read by all practitioners and students in the healing professions.'
    Carl V. Boyer, MD, Family Physician in New York, NY


    'Healing the Healer provides profound insight regarding the dynamics of giving and receiving care in all realms of healthcare. Suzanne Hales offers her perspectives based on decades of clinical experience, and life experience, to ask important questions about the future of caring. It is a deep examination of the risks and the rewards of care and will benefit clinicians across disciplines who hope to provide healing to others and for themselves.'
    Betty Ferrell, PhD, RN, FAAN, FPCN, Professor and Director of Nursing Research, City of Hope Medical Center, Los Angeles CA; Director, The End of Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) Project

    'From its outset, it is clear this is a revolutionary book, one that is essential reading for anyone working in healthcare or interested in the inner world of physicians. The practical application of Jungian psychology, as related to physicians and other healers, was so instructive, and with brilliant, easily accessible writing, Jungian Psychotherapy with Medical Professionals shows how healing goes both ways, between the clinician and the patient. Hales’s revolutionary insights offer hope and healing for the medical community and our healthcare system.'
    Elizabeth Ann Robinson, PhD, RN, CNS, author of The Soul of the Nurse www.ElizabethAnnRobinson.com

    'This volume concerns the ups & downs of medicine, and the hopeful & hopeless nature of this rewarding & difficult work. There is nothing like welcoming a newborn into this world and assisting an ill and dying patient to accept the next phase of life's journey. While on the Admission Committees at UCSF, University of Rochester and Texas A&M University Schools of Medicine, I did my best to admit students of all backgrounds, such as art & music. Medicine has been slow to change, but the dramatic rise in the number of women in medicine has helped /helping immensely. When I graduated with an M.D. in 1970 there were 5% women, but now there are 50%. This ten fold increase has helped medicine to become more feeling based and a more sensitive profession.' David H. Rosen, M.D., Medical Doctor and Affiliate Professor in Psychiatry at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon