1st Edition

Jungian Reflections on Systemic Racism Members of an American Psychoanalytic Community on Training, Practice and Inclusivity

Edited By Christopher Jerome Carter, Tiffany Houck Copyright 2023
    168 Pages
    by Routledge

    168 Pages
    by Routledge

    Jungian Reflections on Systemic Racism is a unique contribution of Jungian analysts and analysts-in-training who provide individual perspectives and approaches to promoting greater inclusivity in analytical theory, training and practice.

    This book examines issues of racism through intrapsychic, interpersonal, and archetypal lenses. Drawing from the specificity and ingenuity of Jungian psychoanalysis, the authors provide personal narratives, clinical vignettes, and theoretical perspectives that exemplify ways of comprehending and furthering the work of anti-racism. The editors assert that without deeper exploration of our theories, distinguishing between the theory itself and the theorist’s unconscious biases, our clinical paradigms unconsciously align and thus perhaps promote an attitude of white supremacy in psychoanalytic training programs and practices. Without claiming to reflect the official view of any particular psychoanalytic community, it utilizes Jung’s analytic paradigm to offer insight into the dynamics of the cultural complex of racism from a depth psychological perspective.

    Jungian Reflections on Systemic Racism is an important resource for psychoanalytic students, trainees, supervisors, and practitioners, as well as for clinicians, medical professionals, social workers, mental health professionals, sociologists, and anyone interested in the wide impact of the unscientific construct of 'race’.

    Notes on Contributors


    Harry Wells Fogarty


    Christopher J. Carter and Tiffany Houck-Loomis

    The Structure of this Book

    1. Time for Space at the Table: an African-American / Native-American analyst-in-training's first hand reflections. A call for the IAAP to publicly denounce (but not erase) the White supremacist writings of C.G.Jung

    Christopher Jerome Carter

    Appendix A: A call for the International Association for Analytrical Psychology to take corrective actions, publicly denunciating (but not erasing) the White supremacist writings of Carl Gustav Jung

    Christopher Jerome Carter

    2. The Paradox and the Primitive and Jung's Relation to 'Negroes'

    Ann Ulanov

    3. The Smoking Mirror

    Deborah Fausch

    4. On Failings

    Sherry Salman

    5. From Ghost to Ancestor: transforming Jung's racial complex

    Amy Bentley Lamborn

    6. The Whiteness Complex: breaking the spell

    John Michael Hayes

    7. The Sunken Place: silence as the propagation of toxic whiteness

    Tiffany Houck-Loomis

    8. Reparative Transgression: a psychoanalytic institute reckons- and does not reckon- with its own racism

    Sarah J. Braun



    Christopher Jerome Carter, MDiv, ThM, PhD, LP, NCPsyA is certified in Jungian analysis and is a licensed psychoanalyst practicing in New York. He is member of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP), the National Association for the Advancement of Analytic Psychology (NAAP), and the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association. ‘Time for Space at the Table: An African American-Native American analyst-intraining’s first-hand reflections. A call for the IAAP to publicly denounce (but not erase) the White supremacist writings of C.G. Jung’ was honored with the 2021 Gradiva Award (NAAP).

    Tiffany Houck, MDiv, PhD, LP is a licensed psychoanalyst and a certified Jungian analyst in private practice in New York City. She is the author of History Through Trauma: History and Counter-History in the Hebrew Bible (2018, Wipf and Stock Publishers); as well as numerous journal articles and book chapters published at the intersection of studies in gender and sexuality, psychoanalysis, religion, and trauma. She serves as a faculty member and the current Director of Training of the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association.

    "Jungian Reflections on Systematic Racism: Members of an American Psychoanalytic Community on Training, Practice, and Inclusivity is a unique new book co-edited by Jungian Psychoanalysts Christopher Carter and Tiffany Houck-Loomis, both members of the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association (NY). The brilliant uniqueness of this book is its' stellar light shone on the darkness of the racialized aspects of Jungian training that is seen in print. Bravo! For the courage of the book's authors. This book belongs on the shelf of every psychoanalyst in training and every professional in the field of Psychology"

    Dr. Fanny Brewster, Jungian Analyst, Professor at Pacifica Graduate Instittue, and author of The Racial Complex: A Jungian Perspective on Culture and Race (Routledge, 2019)


    "Christopher J. Carter and Tiffany Houck-Loomis' wonderful book, Jungian Reflections on Systemic Racism, provides a container for our potential encounters with Jung's relations to racialized cultural complexes that appear both in his writings and in analytic training institutes. The contributors find that some of C.G. Jung's writings appear to mirror colonial attitudes, a kind of Social Darwinism, even as Jung's writings offer a theory of individuation as a potential. Reflecting upon Jung, this book's contributors make space and give voice to their encounters with the unconcious, exemplifying ways of working with our own racialized complexes"

    Samuel Kimbles, PhD, author of Intergenerational Complexes in Analytical Psychology: The Suffering of Ghosts (Routledge, 2021)


    "Jungian Reflections on Systemic Racism is a hugely significant and original volume. Based on experiences in Jungian analysis and institutional life, but going beyond that community to embrace all approaches to psychotherapy, it offers a demonstration of how to divest our profession from its role in systemic- and casual- racism. With great frankness, the authors consider individual attitudes, responsibilities, and roles. This is the basis on which they seek to reframe approaches, teachings, and writings on ethnic, cultural and social dimensions of experience in therapy and society"

    Andrew Samuels, author of The Political Psyche (Routledge, 2015) and A New Therapy for Politics? (Routledge, 2015)