1st Edition

Justice After Stonewall LGBT Life Between Challenge and Change

Edited By Paul Behrens, Sean Becker Copyright 2023
    364 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Justice After Stonewall is an interdisciplinary analysis of challenges and progress experienced by the LGBT community since the Stonewall riots in 1969. The riots (sparked by a police raid in New York City) are a milestone in LGBT history. Within a short time, a new feeling of confidence emerged, manifested in new LGBT organisations and the first Pride marches. Legal and social change followed: from the decriminalisation of homosexual activities to anti-discrimination laws and the legalisation of same-sex marriage. This makes it tempting to think of modern LGBT history as an unequivocal success story. But progress was not achieved everywhere: in 70 States, same-sex relations are still criminalised; violence against LGBT persons still occurs, and transgender people still struggle to have their rights recognised.

    The question whether the path since Stonewall represents success or failure cannot be answered by one discipline alone. This book breaks new ground by bringing together experts from politics, sociology, law, education, language, medicine and religion to discuss fields as diverse as same-sex marriage, transgender students, the LGBT movement in Uganda and LGBT migrants in the Arabian Peninsula, conversion 'therapy', and approaches to LGBT matters in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. What emerges is a rich tapestry of LGBT life today and its consideration from numerous perspectives.

    Based on thorough research, this book is an ideal text for students and scholars exploring LGBT matters. At the same time, its engaging style makes it a particularly valuable resource for anyone with an interest in LGBT matters and their reception in today's world.


    Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon


    1. From Stonewall to the World: The Difficult Path to Recognition

    Paul Behrens and Sean Becker

    Part 1 – Justice After Stonewall? Aspects of Political and Social Acceptance 

    2. Challenges Past and Present: Political and Social Perspectives

    Sean Becker and Paul Behrens 

    3. The Development of the LGBT+ Community in the UK in the Last 50 Years

    Sir Stephen Wall 

    4. LGBT+ Youth Homelessness as a Consequence of Progress

    Carin Tunåker 

    5. The LGBTI Movement Organising in a Time of Peril: A Case Study of Uganda

    Clare Byarugaba 

    6. 'That's Really Why I Got Married I Guess': Heteronormativity and Openness about Same-Sex Coupledom

    Dora Jandrić

    Part 2 – LGBT Rights Facing New Challenges 

    7. A Landscape of Change: Legal Perspectives

    Paul Behrens and Sean Becker 

    8. The Evolution of LGBT Rights in the UK: Is the Tide Starting to Turn?

    Carolynn Gray 

    9. In the Name of the People? Plebiscites, Referendums and Same-Sex Marriage

    Paul Behrens 

    10. The Intrinsic Value of Registered Partnerships and Marriage for Same-Sex Couples, their Recognition Domestically and at the Strasbourg Court

    Helen Fenwick and Andy Hayward 

    11. Changing Perceptions of Homosexuality as Revealed by the Law of Defamation in Scotland

    Kenneth McK. Norrie 

    12. 'Lewd, Disgusting and Offensive': A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Law Lords' Ideologies Toward Homosexuality between 1967 and 2004

    Sean Becker

    Part 3 – The Continued Struggle for Equality: LGBT Students, Identity and Language 

    13. Living Identity: Perspectives from the Fields of Education and Language

    Sean Becker and Paul Behrens 

    14. Embedding LGBT Equality in the Curriculum and the Classroom

    Eleanor Capaldi and Amanda Sykes 

    15. Investigating the Experiences of Transgender Students in Higher Education in the UK – Pilot Study

    Lynne Regan 

    16. Queerly Fluent / Fluently Queer: On (Re)Creating Shared Identities in Second and Third Languages Among Migrant LGBTQ Populations in the Arabian Peninsula

    Gaar Adams 

    Part 4 – Between Disenfranchisement and Inclusion: The LGBT Community and the Medical Sector 

    17. Changing Science and the Science of Change: Medical Perspectives

    Paul Behrens and Sean Becker 

    18. Disenfranchisement in British Healthcare: Being a Lesbian Non-Biological Mother

    Lucille Kelsall-Knight and Ceri Sudron 

    19. False Therapy, Real Harm: Aspects of Conversion Practices and their Evaluation

    Paul Behrens

    Part 5 – Faith and Justice: Religion and the LGBT Community 

    20. Between Understanding and Inclusion: Religious Perspectives

    Paul Behrens and Sean Becker 

    21. Jewish Approaches to LGBT+ in Texts, Culture and Ritual

    Rabbi Mark L. Solomon and Hannah Holtschneider 

    22. Tradition and Transition: Methodological Approaches to LGBT Issues in Roman Catholic Theology After Pope Francis

    Nicolete Burbach 

    23. Is there a Space to Fight Back? Exclusionary Queer and Islamic Spaces and Resistance from Queer Muslims

    Drew Dalton

    Concluding Thoughts 

    24. Stonewall at Fifty: Between Hope and Challenge

    Sean Becker and Paul Behrens


    Dr Paul Behrens is Reader (Associate Professor) in Law at the University of Edinburgh Law School, UK. He is Member of the Expert Advisory Group to the Scottish Parliament on Ending Conversion Practices and has published several books on international law.

    Sean Becker previously taught as a docent at the University of Amsterdam’s PPLE College. He is currently pursuing postgraduate studies at Columbia Law School, New York, and the University of Amsterdam.