1st Edition

Justice of Marxism Debate, Dialogue and Defense

By Zhang Xiaomeng Copyright 2024

    This book analyzes Marxian theories of justice within the context of contemporary political philosophy and intellectual history.

    Transcending perspectives from classical Marxism, the author analyzes how Western Marxism has engaged with critically and responded to the theories of justice, especially since the 1970s. The nine chapters cover major intellectual movements and multi-dimensional frameworks of thought that critique and understand anew the idea of justice, including anglophone debates on Marxism and justice, global distributive justice, and viewpoints from analytical Marxism, radical egalitarianism, the Frankfurt School, Marxian feminism and ecological Marxism. The second part of the book returns to the classical texts of Marxism, with a focus on historical materialism and a critique of capitalism to reinterpret basic tenets of justice in Marxism and to reconstruct Marxian theory of justice.

    This title will be of value to scholars and students interested in theories of justice, Marxian philosophy and political philosophy.

    1. Introduction  2. Origin and Core Themes of Contemporary Justice Theory  3. Analysis on Turn of Analytical Marxism in the Contemporary Context of Justice  4. Explanation on Legitimacy of Marxist Theory of Justice  5. Marx’s Theory of Justice and Explanation of Morality  6. Radically Egalitarian Conception of Justice  7. Frankfurt School and Justice of Recognition  8. Dimensions of Justice in Marxist Feminism  9. Dimensions of Justice in Ecological Marxism  10. Dimension of Global Distributive Justice  11. Returning to Marx Theory of Justice and Historical Materialism  12. Returning to Marx Theory of Justice and Critique on Capitalism  13. Marx’s Principles of Justice  14. Marxist Theory of Justice.docx Conclusion  15. Conclusion


    Zhang Xiaomeng is a professor of philosophy at Renmin University of China. Her research mainly focuses on political philosophy, international Marxist studies, and theory of modernization.