Kaizen Assembly : Designing, Constructing, and Managing a Lean Assembly Line book cover
1st Edition

Kaizen Assembly
Designing, Constructing, and Managing a Lean Assembly Line

ISBN 9780849371875
Published June 26, 2006 by CRC Press
260 Pages 122 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

It is easy to learn the philosophy and the concepts of kaizen. It is quite another challenge to translate the philosophy into action. While most books expound on the underlying principles and theory, Kaizen Assembly: Designing, Constructing, and Managing a Lean Assembly Line takes you step-by-step through an actual kaizen event. This approach demonstrates in detail the mindset, the processes, and the practical insight needed to transform your current assembly line into a world-class lean operation.

Chris Ortiz brings the experience of over 150 successful kaizen events to the pages of this unique guide. Using clear, succinct, and unambiguous language rather than more general and esoteric terms found in other books, he explains how to implement waste reduction, 5S, time and motion studies, line balancing, quality-at-the-source, visual management, and workstation and assembly line design. Taking a unique approach, the book follows an example of the assembly process for an electric bike including illustrations of nearly every step along the way. Ortiz even includes the most valuable teaching tool of all: past mistakes, how they were overcome, and how to identify and avoid them.

Providing expert guidance that will last long after the consultants have left, Kaizen Assembly supplies the tools you need to make kaizen and lean assembly a permanent fixture at the heart of the shop floor.

Table of Contents

Commitment to Change
Chapter Summary
The Company Kaizen Program
Kaizen Events
Kaizen Program
Create and Communicate the Vision
Establish the Kaizen Champion
Communication Boards and Newsletters
The Kaizen Governing Committee
Kaizen Champion
Plant Manager
Production Manager
Engineering Manager
Materials Manager
Quality Manager
Facilities/Safety Manager
Human Resources Manager
Kaizen Team Selection
Team Leader
Team Members5
Process Engineer
Quality Engineer
Facilities/Maintenance Personnel
Materials Handler
Line Operators
Kaizen Event Tracking System
Kaizen Tracking Worksheet
Kaizen Event
Team Leader
Team Members
Date and Length
Strategic Purpose
Anticipated Results
Estimated Cost
Event Spending
Actual Results
Action Items
Due Dates for Action Items
Kaizen Monthly Meetings and the Kaizen Event Supply Box
Kaizen Monthly Meeting
Discussion of Open Action Items: 15 Minutes
Discussion of the Last Event's Results: 20 Minutes
Planning Upcoming Events: 30 Minutes
Kaizen Event Supply Box
Chapter Summary
The Basics
The Seven Wastes, 5S, and Standard Work
The Seven Wastes
Wait Time
The Eighth Waste
Straighten .
Standard Work
Chapter Summary
The Strategic Purpose
Business Metrics
Floor Space Reduction
Work Station Reduction
Travel Distance Reduction
Work in Process (WIP) and Inventory Reduction
Effective Hours
Product Volume
Takt Time and Cycle Time
Takt Time
Cycle Time
Visual Management
Production Control Boards
Weekly 5S Board
Daily Quality Data
Safety Board
Daily Productivity Board
Takt Monitors
Chapter Summary
Electric Bike - Kaizen Event Preparation
Four Weeks to Go
Select the Area and the Kaizen Team Leader
Order Supplies and Equipment
Antifatigue Mats
Lift Tables
Tool Balancers or Retractors
Metal Tubing
Floor Tape and Laminating Material
Parts Racks
Plastic Part Bins
Workstation and Tower Lights
Miscellaneous Preparation
Time and Motion Studies
Time and Motion Study Rules
Use a Stopwatch
Use a Time Study Collection Sheet
Document the Tasks and Elements
Capture Every Piece of Work Content
Involve the Operator
Conduct the Time Studies
Capture at Least Eight Samples
Time All Options
Remove the Highest and Lowest Times and Take
an Average
Time to Begin the Kaizen Event
Chapter Summary
Waste Analysis
Current State
Cycle Time versus Takt Time
Equipment Constraints
Changeover Time
Material Optimization
Waste Observation of the Electric Bike Assembly
Main Assembly Line
Miscellaneous Value-Added and Nonvalue-Added
Future State
Chapter Summary
Two Weeks to Go
Select the Kaizen Team Members
Get an Update on Supplies and Equipment
Miscellaneous Preparation
Line Balancing
Resource Requirements
Eliminate Nonvalue-Added Work
Balance by Time
Balance by Work Content
Balance by Material
Chapter Summary.
One Week to Go
Gather Current State Statistics
Meet with the Team Members
Miscellaneous Preparations .
Standard Work Sheets
Main Assembly
Headlight Assembly
Chapter Summary
The Kaizen Event - The Electric Bike Line
Day One
Kickoff Meeting
Ground Rules
Be on Time
No Cell Phones or Pagers
100% Dedication of the Team
Eat Lunch as a Team
Stay Positive
Make Decisions and Stay on Schedule
Let's Get to Work
Red Tag Team
Review of the Standard Work Sheets
Lunch Break
Midday Meeting
Completing the Red Tag Event
End of Day Meeting
Chapter Summary
Day Two and Day Three Line Design
Midday Meeting
Assembly Line Construction
Maintenance and Machine Shop Projects
Tool and Part Presentation
Tool Balancers
Tool Stands
Shadow Boards
The Two-Bin System
Part Use in Containers
Large Part Use Not in Containers
Day Three
Subassembly Work Cell
Main Assembly Line
Chapter Summary
Day Four
Workstation Signs and Parts Rack Signs
Floor Taping and Designations
Two-Bin System Labels
Color Labels.3
Two-Bin System Assignments
Subassembly Build Levels
Installing Shadow Boards and Tower Lights
Production Control Boards
Takt Monitor
Chapter Summary
The Final Day
5S Audit Sheets
5S Tracking Sheet
Work Instructions
Quality at the Source
Employee Cross-Functional Matrix
Rate Cards
Standard Work for Three Different Rates
Line and Operator Placement Map
Standard Workbook
Line Tour
Chapter Summary
Training and Accountability
Single Piece Flow (Push vs. Pull)
Effective Hours
Tower Light Use
Two-Bin System
Build Levels
New Employee Training
Product Overview
Lean Basics
Incentive and Pay for Skill
Mock Line Training
Daily Guidelines
Ongoing Guidelines
Chapter Summary4
Moving Forward
More Kaizen
Kaizen Event Ideas
The Second Pass Kaizen Event
Inventory Reduction Event
Line Removal Event
5S Event
Line Design Event
Material Handling Event
Product Design
Eliminating Picking Errors
Use of Fixtures or Jigs
Visual Indicators
Ergonomic Evaluations
Chapter Summary
Coin Dispenser Manufacturer Success Story
A10 Line Kaizen Event, Kaizen Team
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five Closeout
Six Months Later
Final Thoughts

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