1st Edition

Kaizen for Quick Changeover Going Beyond SMED

By Keisuke Arai, Kenichi Sekine Copyright 2006
    320 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    Changeovers in 3 minutes or less!

    Picking up where Dr. Shingo's Single Minute Exchange of Die left off, this book streamlines the process even further to reduce changeover time, while simultaneously cutting staffing requirements in half. To instruct on how to achieve quick changeover in virtually any type of production environment, the book includes—

  • A succinct eight-step process for setup improvement
  • Nine basic principles for eliminating changeover waste
  • The book begins by outlining the tactical principles for improving the three phases of the changeover procedure. Next it demonstrates how to improve changeover on a processing line. All of the ideas presented are based on kaizen improvements, which require very little, if any, expenditure. Process razing and the implementation of one-piece flow are also examined as means to eliminate wasteful transportation and searching.

    Part I Basics
    1.      Steps in Changeover Improvement
    2.      Steps Toward Zero Changeover
    3.      A Formula for Achieving Zero Changeover
    Part II Processing Line Changeover Improvement Approaches
    4.      Changeover on Processing Lines
    5.      Making Inexpensive Improvements to Reduce Staffing Needs
    6.      Steps for Improving New Processing Lines
    Part II Improvement Case Studies
    7.      Zero Changeover in Press Line Processing
    8.      Single Changeover in the Steel Forging Industry
    9.      Zero Changeover for Transfer Machines
    10.  Changeover Improvement Steps for the Process Industry
    11.  Zero Changeover for PCB Auto-Testers
    12.  Zero Changeover for a Sheet Metal Factory
    13.  Zero Changeover for Plastic-Molding Machines
    14.  Zero Changeover for Die-Cast Machines
    15.  Zero Changeover for Assembly Lines


    Keisuke Arai, Kenichi Sekine

    "A goldmine of great ideas for improving changeovers. The authors explain the ideas they have helped improvement teams implement at a variety of factories. Their ideas are generously displayed with more than 200 figures, photos, and tables."
    Robert K. Hall, Manager Time-Based Strategy, American National Can Co.,June 2004

    "Close to the ground, real-life examples of continuous improvement techniques that relate to virtually any type of production environment."
    John Gugliotta, V.P. Operations, Lifeline Systems, Inc., June 2004