1st Edition

Kalecki's Principle of Increasing Risk and Keynesian Economics

By Tracy Mott Copyright 2010
    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    188 Pages
    by Routledge

    Kalecki was one of an important generation of Cambridge economists. Here, Tracy Mott's impressive book examines the relationship of Kalecki's economics to different economic areas and its relationship to major alternative schools, such as Keynes and Marx.

    Mott looks at Kalecki's 'principle of increasing risk' and how it gives the way in which the reproduction and expansion of wealth can bring a coherent unity to economic analysis. In so doing, it makes sense out of the fundamental conclusions of Keynesian economics on the underemployment of labour and capital.

    1. Economic Theory 2. Prices, Profits, and Costs 3. Real and Money Wages 4. The Theory of Value 5. Investment Spending 6. Consumption Spending 7. Taxation 8. Macroeconomic Cycles and Growth 9. Interest Rates, Inflation, and Monetary Policy 10. Financial Institutions and Financial Markets 11. Economic Policy and Political Economy


    Tracy Mott is Asscoiate Professor of Economics at the University of Denver, Colorado, USA.

    "Examines Micha&Islash; Kalecki’s principle of increasing risk and considers how it explains Keynesian notions of macroeconomic fluctuations and growth or stagnation of productivity and employment…" – Journal of Economic Literature (June 2010)