2nd Edition

Kalila wa Dimna
For Students of Arabic

ISBN 9780367359690
Published July 31, 2020 by Routledge
326 Pages 53 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Specifically designed for students of Arabic, this fully illustrated rendition of the Arabic literary classic enhances students’ reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills through the medium of these fun, engaging, and culturally relevant tales.

The first part of this second edition follows the original order of the stories, with new vocabulary explained in footnotes throughout. In the second part, grammar explanations and a wealth of exercises provide ample opportunities for readers to improve their understanding of the stories and strengthen their command of Arabic grammar and Arabic writing.

The audio material, containing the texts of the stories read by native speakers, is available to download free online to help develop the learner’s listening skills.

Suitable for both class use and independent study, Kalila wa Dimna: for Students of Arabic is a must for all intermediate to advanced students wishing to enhance their language skills and discover one of the most popular pieces of Arabic literature ever written.

Table of Contents

Introduction to this Edition Chapter One: The Introduction of the Book  The Lark and the Elephant  Chapter Two: Borzoi, the Physician Pretender  The Thief and the Beam of Light  The Hesitant Thief  The Merchant and the Jeweler  Chapter Three: The Lion and the Ox  The Monkey and the Carpenter  The Raven and the Snake  The Seagull and the Crab  The Lion and the Hare  The Louse and the Flea  The Lion and his Companions  The Tortoise and the Two Ducks  The Crook and the Simpleton  The Rats and the Iron  The Lion and the Ox The Fox and the Drum  Chapter Four: Investigating Dimna  The Ignorant Physician  Investigating Dimna  Chapter Five: The Ringdove  The Ringdove and the Rat  The Raven and His Companions  The Rat and the Ascetic  Chapter Six: The Owls and the Ravens  The Hostility of the Owls and Ravens  The Hare and the Elephants  The Ascetic and the Thieves  The Mouse Marries Only a Mouse  The Snake and the King Frog  The Owls and the Ravens  The Thief and the Devil  Chapter Seven: The Monkey and the Male Turtle  The Monkey and the Male Turtle  The Jackal, the Lion, and the Donkey  Chapter Eight: The Ascetic and the Weasel  The Ascetic, the Weasel, and the Snake  The Ascetic, the Ghee, and the Honey  Chapter Nine: The Rat and the Cat  Chapter Ten: The King and the Bird Fanza  Chapter Eleven: The Lion and the Jackal  Chapter Twelve: The Lioness, the Hunter and the Cougar  Chapter Thirteen: Iladh, Biladh, and Irakht  The Male Dove that killed himself  Chapter Fourteen: The Ascetic and the Guest  Chapter Fifteen: The Traveler and the Jeweler  Chapter Sixteen: The King’s Son and His Companions  The King’s Son and His Companions  The Pair of Hoopoes and the Treasure  Chapter Seventeen: The Dove, the Fox, and the Crane  Glossary

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Munther Younes is Senior Lecturer of Arabic Language and Linguistics at Cornell University, USA.