1st Edition

Kant and the Continental Tradition Sensibility, Nature, and Religion

Edited By Sorin Baiasu, Alberto Vanzo Copyright 2020
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    Immanuel Kant’s work continues to be a main focus of attention in almost all areas of philosophy. The significance of Kant’s work for the so-called continental philosophy cannot be exaggerated, although work in this area is relatively scant. The book includes eight chapters, a substantial introduction and a postscript, all newly written by an international cast of well-known authors. Each chapter focuses on particular aspects of a fundamental problem in Kant’s and post-Kantian philosophy, the problem of the relation between the world and transcendence. Chapters fall thematically into three parts: sensibility, nature and religion. Each part starts with a more interpretative chapter focusing on Kant’s relevant work, and continues with comparative chapters which stage dialogues between Kant and post-Kantian philosophers, including Martin Heidegger, Hannah Arendt, Jean-François Lyotard, Luce Irigaray and Jacques Derrida. A special feature of this volume is the engagement of each chapter with the work of the late British philosopher Gary Banham. The Postscript offers a subtle and erudite analysis of his intellectual trajectory, philosophy and mode of working. The volume is dedicated to his memory.

    Part I. Introduction

    1. Kant and the Continental Tradition

    Sorin Baiasu and Alberto Vanzo

    Part II. Sensibility

    2. Kant on Intuition

    Dermot Moran

    3. Heidegger’s Interpretation of Kant’s Transcendental Schematism

    Roxana Baiasu

    4. On Affective Universality: Kant, Arendt and Lyotard on Sensus Communis

    Andrea Rehberg

    Part III. Nature

    5. The Role of Regulative Principles and their Relation to Reflective Judgement

    Christian Onof

    6. Disputing Critique: Lyotard’s Kantian Differend

    Keith Crome

    7. Kant, Hegel and Irigaray: From Chemism to the Elemental

    Rachel Jones

    Part IV. Religion

    8. The Schematism of Analogy and the Figure of Christ: Bridging Two Types of Hypotyposis

    Nicola Crosby

    9. The ‘Proper’ Tone of Critical Philosophy: Kant and Derrida on Metaphilosophy and the Use of Religious Tropes

    Dennis Schulting

    Part V. Postscript

    10. Remembering Gary Banham: Genealogy, Teleology and Conceptuality

    Joanna Hodge


    Sorin Baiasu is Professor of Philosophy at Keele University, Director of the Keele-Oxford-St Andrews Kantian (KOSAK) Research Centre and Co-convenor of the Kantian Standing Group of the European Consortium for Political Research. He published Kant and Sartre: Re-discovering Critical Ethics (2011), edited several collections on Kant and published articles in, among others, Kant-Studien, Kantian Review and Studi Kantiani.

    Alberto Vanzo is an independent scholar. He has published a monograph on Kant’s views on concept formation (Kant e la formazione dei concetti, 2012) and essays on Kant’s philosophy, early modern natural philosophy and the history of philosophical historiography.