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Kant and the Reorientation of Aesthetics

ISBN 9780367890599
Published December 10, 2019 by Routledge
246 Pages

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Book Description

This book argues that the philosophical significance of Kant’s aesthetics lies not in its explicit account of beauty but in its implicit account of intentionality. Kant’s account is distinct in that feeling, affect, or mood must be operative within the way the mind receives the world. Moreover, these modes of receptivity fall within the normative domain so that we can hold each other responsible for how we are "struck" by an object or scene.

Joseph Tinguely composes a series of investigations into the philosophically rich but regrettably neglected topics at the intersection of Kant’s aesthetics and epistemology, such as how we orient ourselves in the world, whether tonality is a property of the subject or object, and what we hope to accomplish when we quarrel about taste. Taken together, these investigations offer a robust and defensible picture of mind, which not only resolves tensions in a Kantian account of intentionality but also offers a timely intervention into contemporary debates about the "aesthetic" nature of the way the mind is in touch with the world.

Kant and the Reorientation of Aesthetics will appeal to scholars and students of Kant, as well as those working at the intersection of aesthetics and philosophy of mind.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Aside from Beauty

2. Imagination: The Productive Imagination: An Aesthetic Touch

3. Tone: Tone, Modulation, and Affectivity: The Aesthetics of Intentionality

4. Rhetoric: The Implicit Affection between Kantian Judgement and Aristotelian Rhetoric

5. Quarrels: Kantian Quarrels: Hume, Rousseau, and the Making of Aesthetic Discourse

6. Meta-Aesthetics: Kantian Meta-Aesthetics and the Neglected Alternative

7. Orientation: Orientation and the Aesthetic Symbolization of the World

8. Postscript: Finding the World

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Joseph J. Tinguely is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of South Dakota, USA


"Brief summaries cannot do justice to the commendable care, detail, and nuance exhibited throughout this book. While he does not rest his case on being a ‘correct’ interpretation of Kant, Tinguely engages with the literature in a serious and substantial way, and every Kant scholar concerned with these issues will benefit from his insights. His engaging and original book undoubtedly opens up new avenues of thought about Kant, and is well worth reading for a broader audience of philosophers as well."Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews