1st Edition

Katherine Mansfield International Approaches

    244 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    244 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Katherine Mansfield has been widely recognised as one of the key authors of her generation, continuing to influence literary modernism and the short story genre through her nomadic existence, colonial perspective, eclectic interests and impressive range of literary acquaintances. This volume utilises these seemingly endless avenues for critical exploration, analysing Mansfield’s influences, including the familial, historical and geographical as well as literary and artistic approaches. Some connections are well established and acknowledged, some controversial, many still undiscovered. This volume brings a fresh collection of original viewpoints on Katherine Mansfield’s life and work, both of which, in her own case, are frequently indistinguishable. It investigates her fascinating connection with Poland which is explored in a complex and detailed way for the first time; suggests new or revised views on her connections to other English and American writers; and finally examines some of the aspects of her writing process, her engagement with the arts, imagination, memories and her constructions of different kinds of space.

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    Janka Kascakova, Gerri Kimber and Władysław Witalisz



    ‘From the other side of the world’: Katherine Mansfield, Poland and Poetry

    Gerri Kimber

    ‘God the Father’: Stanisław Wyspiański and Katherine Mansfield

    Wojciech Bałus

    The Deed, the Dead and the Living Blood: Katherine Mansfield’s ‘To Stanislaw Wyspianski’ and Its Translation into Polish by Floryan Sobieniowski

    Magda Heydel

    Between Absence and Presence: On Katherine Mansfield’s Early Reception in Poland

    Joanna Sobesto


    Absence, Distance, and Influence: Dorothy Wordsworth’s Journals, Katherine Mansfield and John Middleton Murry

    Richard Cappuccio

    Compassion and Moral Responsibility: Emma and ‘The Daughters of the Late Colonel’

    Janka Kascakova

    The Perils of Autobiography: Katherine Mansfield and the Case of George Gissing

    Ann Herndon Marshall

    Gendered Violence and Narrative Complicity in Katherine Mansfield and Leonard Woolf: ‘The Woman at the Store’ and ‘A Tale Told by Moonlight’

    Elyse Blankley

    Katherine Mansfield’s American Legacy: The Case of Dorothy Parker

    Sydney Janet Kaplan


    Making Music, Making Room: Musical Performances and the Construction of Space in the Works of Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf

    Anna Lawattanatrakul

    Waves and ‘moment[s] of suspension’: Katherine Mansfield’s Painterly and Kinetic Language in Fiction

    Tracy Miao

    The Function of the Domestic Garden Space in ‘Prelude’ and ‘At the Bay’

    Anna Kwiatkowska

    On Being Chased By A Bull: Imagination, Writing and the Rush of the Short Story

    Kirsty Gunn

    Notes on Contributors



    Janka Kascakova is an Associate Professor at the Catholic University of Ružomberok, Slovakia, and Palacký University Olomouc, the Czech Republic, and earned her PhD in English literature (on Katherine Mansfield’s modernism) from the Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia (2007). She is the Vice-President of the Katherine Mansfield Society, co-editor of several volumes including Katherine Mansfield and Continental Europe: Connections and Influences (2015), translator of Katherine Mansfield’s short stories into Slovak (2013) and the author of numerous articles, book chapters and a full monograph on Katherine Mansfield (2015).

    Gerri Kimber is a Visiting Professor in English at the University of Northampton, UK. She earned her PhD (2007) from the University of Exeter, UK, for a thesis examining Katherine Mansfield’s reception in France. She is a co-editor of the annual yearbook Katherine Mansfield Studies and is the author of Katherine Mansfield: The Early Years (2016), Katherine Mansfield and the Art of the Short Story (2015) and Katherine Mansfield: The View from France (2008). She is the Series Editor of the four-volume Edinburgh Edition of the Collected Works of Katherine Mansfield (2012–16) and is currently co-editing a new, four-volume, complete edition of Mansfield’s letters.

    Władysław Witalisz is a Professor in the English Department of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland, and earned his PhD (1996) and post-doctoral degree (2011) in English literature from the Jagiellonian University. He has published numerous articles on medieval romance, medieval religious literature and Shakespeare. He is the author of The Trojan Mirror: Middle English Trojan Narratives as Books of Princely Advice (2011).