1st Edition

Key Account Management Excellence in Pharma & Medtech

Edited By Mike Moorman Copyright 2022
    242 Pages 69 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    242 Pages 69 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Key Account Management Excellence in Pharma & Medtech is designed to help life sciences practitioners develop and execute innovative and effective key account management (KAM) strategies and capabilities. Pharmaceutical and medtech companies are increasingly pursuing KAM in response to the rapid rise of large, sophisticated and complex healthcare provider and payer systems and groups. Those that invest the time to get KAM right will protect their business and grow with these rising customers.

    This book is groundbreaking in both its scope and its tailoring of leading KAM practices specifically for life sciences. The central theme is that "key account management is an organization-wide business strategy, not just a role or a sales-specific initiative." KAM is a strategy focused on providing unique offerings and value through an orchestrated, cross-functional, go-to-market model designed specifically to address the needs and engagement preferences of a unique segment of customers. The insights and practices shared in this book are designed to be a valuable reference at every stage of the KAM journey.

    The book has been designed to facilitate a common language and deep understanding of KAM issues and leading practices organization-wide—particularly for life sciences leaders, account managers and cross-functional team members responsible for building, transforming and supporting their organization’s KAM strategies and capabilities.

    1. KAM is a business strategy, not a role 

    Mike Moorman and Namita Powers 

    2. The rise of the organized customer and KAM in healthcare 

    Brian Chapman and Pratap Khedkar 

    3. Where to play: Key account segmentation and selection 

    Joe Stevens and Jude Konzelmann 

    4. Value strategy: Evolving from basic offerings to advanced solutions 

    Joe Stevens, Matt Ruple and Mike Moorman 

    5. KAM organization design: Form follows function 

    Mike Moorman and Jude Konzelmann 

    6. Executive alignment and engagement: It’s make or break for life sciences KAM programs 

    Mike Moorman and Namita Powers 

    7. KAM Program Office: Marshalling the internal support required for results 

    Mike Moorman 

    8. The long and short of KAM metrics 

    Mike Moorman, Jude Konzelmann and Namita Powers 

    9. Customer engagement process: The secret to agile execution 

    Mike Moorman and Namita Powers 

    10. Bringing value to account planning and management 

    Namita Powers, Mike Powers and Alex Simon 

    11. Context is king: Laying the foundation for a comprehensive KAM talent strategy 

    Tania Lennon, Namita Powers and Bernadette Maher 

    12. The unique learning journey required for KAM 

    Chris Morgan, Tania Lennon and Namita Powers 

    13. Key account manager incentive compensation: Aligning to strategic objectives 

    Subhashri Suresh, Tobi Laczkowski and Chad Albrecht 

    14. Why technology is critical for breathing life into KAM 

    Ankit Jain, Mike Powers and Pratap Khedkar 

    15. KAM in the U.S. versus Europe: Are we headed to the same place? 

    Falko Graf-Meisner and Chris Morgan 

    16. The future of KAM in life sciences 

    Mike Moorman, Namita Powers, Joe Stevens and Rohan Agni 


    Mike Moorman is a Principal at ZS and leads the firm’s key account management practice. Mike founded ZS’s B2B commercial strategy and transformation practice and is a recognized expert in his field. He has worked globally and with more than 50 B2B organizations across 12 industries. Mike serves on the Board of Directors and the Research Advisory Board for the Strategic Account Management Association, and is an Adjunct Lecturer on Sales Strategy at Northwestern’s Kellogg Executive Program. Mike has authored more than 60 publications and has been cited in leading publications including Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, IndustryWeek, USA Today and Selling Power.

    "A truly holistic approach to KAM—one that the pharma and medtech industries desperately need."

    Mitch Payne, Global Head, Value and Access Excellence at Novartis Oncology

    "Pharma and medtech finally get their own KAM/SAM ‘bible’ with unique and relevant insights."

    Dino Bertani, Executive Director, International Strategic Account Management at AbbVie

    "A 'KAM blueprint must' for life sciences leaders at the critical juncture of shaping versus reacting to their future."

    Barbara Ruhland, Head of Strategic Accounts & Channel Management, US Radiology at Bayer

    "This thought leadership has been an invaluable playbook that I have read and reread to guide our progress."

    Todd Burgess, Global Key Account Manager Capabilities Leader at Merck

    "A terrific resource for SAM leaders in any industry—one I wish I had during my time at Schneider Electric."

    Harvey Dunham, Managing Director, Strategy and Marketing at Strategic Account Management Association

    "One of the most comprehensive books to date on the topic of SAM... it uniquely addresses SAM in life sciences... I believe this book should be a 'must read' for any life sciences leader, account manager or cross-functional team member responsible for supporting SAM strategies and capabilities."

    Denise Freier, President and CEO, Strategic Account Management Association