1st Edition

Key Issues in Cross-cultural Psychology

Edited By Hector Grad, Amalio Blanco, James Georgas Copyright 1996
    392 Pages
    by Garland Science

    These proceedings are organized into six parts, covering conceptual and methodological issues; consequences of acculturation; cognitive processes; values; social psychology; and personality, developmental psychology and health psychology.

    Prologue. H. Grad, A. Blanco, & J. Geor·gas -- Presidential Address. R. S. Malpass Face Recognition at the Interface of Psychology, Law, and Culture -- Part I. Conceptual and Methodological Issues -- P. Boski Cross-Cultural Psychology at the Crossroads or: Lake Victoria is not Lake Mwanza, While Cross-Cultural Psychology is not Cultural (Enough) -- A. C. Paranjpe The Interpretive Tum: Implications for Cross-Cultural Psychology -- H. Helfrich Cross-Cultural Psychology in Germany -- S. C. Carr Social Psychology and Culture: Reminders from Africa and Asia -- Part II. Consequences of Acculturation -- R. C. Mishra, D. Sinha, & J. W. Berry Cognitive Functioning in Relation to some Eco-Cultural and Acculturational Features of Tribal Groups of Bihar -- A. Ostrowska & D. Bochenska Ethnic Stereotypes among Polish and German Silesians -- J. Georgas & D. Papastylianou Acculturation and Ethnic Identity: The remigration of Ethnic Greeks to Greece -- D. Hocoy Empirical Distinctiveness between Cognitive and Affective Elements of Ethnic Identity and Scales for their Measurement -- C. Ward & A. Kennedy Before and After Cross-Cultural Transition: A Study of New Zealand Volunteers on Field Assignments -- Part III. Cognitive Processes -- J. R. J. Fontaine, Y. H. Poortinga, B. Setiadi, & S.S. Markam The Cognitive Structure of Emotions in Indonesia and the Netherlands: A preliminary report -- A. Akande The Perception of Ability Scale for Students in Africa and New Zealand -- M. Juan-Espinosa & A. Palacios Urban and Rural People's Conceptions of Intelligence in Equatorial Guinea -- Part IV. Values -- G. Hofstede, L. Kolman, 0. Nicolescu, & I. Pajumaa Characteristics of the Ideal Job among Students in Eight Countries -- G. Sagie & S. H. Schwartz National Differences in Value Consensus -- K. Boehnke, M. P. Regmi, B. 0. Richmond, S. Chandra, & C. Stromberg Worries, Values and Well-being: A Comparison of East and West German, Nepalese and Fijian Undergraduates -- R. H. van den Berg & N. Bleichrodt Personal Values and Acculturation -- M. Varma Values in Indian Villages -- Part V. Social Psychology -- J. Adamopoulos & A. Stogiannidou The Perception of Interpersonal Action: Culture-General and Culture-Specific Components -- D. M. Keats & F. Fu-Xi The Development of Concepts of Fairness in Rewards in Chinese and Australian Children -- M. Yuki & S. Yamaguchi Long-Term Equity within a Group: An Application of the Seniority Norm in Japan -- W. G. Stephan, C. W. Stephan, M. Abalakina, V. Ageyev, A. Blanco, M. Bond, I. Saito, P. Turcinovic, & B. Wenzel Distinctiveness Effects in Intergroup Perceptions: An International Study -- H. Y. Tsai Concept of "Mien Tzu" (Face) in East-Asian Societies: The Case of Taiwanese and Japanese -- Part VI. Personality, Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology E. Diener Subjective Well-Being in Cross-Cultural Perspective -- B. Ataca, D. Sunar, & <;. Kagit����ibasi Variance in Fertility due to Sex- Related Differentiation in Child-Rearing Practices -- G. Musitu Ochoa, J. Herrero Olaizola, & E. Garcia Fuster The Psychosocial Ecology of Child Maltreatment: A Cross-Cultural and Discriminant Analysis -- P. H. Cook The Application of an Ecocultural Framework to the Study of Disability Programs in a Rural and Urban Indian Community -- E. Mc Auliffe AIDS: Barriers to Behavior Change in MalawI.


    Hector Grad, Amalio Blanco and James Georgas