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Key Issues in Higher Education

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Grading Student Achievement in Higher Education Signals and Shortcomings

Grading Student Achievement in Higher Education: Signals and Shortcomings

1st Edition

By Mantz Yorke
December 21, 2015

A lot hangs on the summative grades that students are given. A good degree opens doors which otherwise might remain closed. Yet, as higher education is now a mass rather than an elite system, what is expected of its graduates is different from the expectations of previous generations. Students are ...

The Academic Citizen The Virtue of Service in University Life

The Academic Citizen: The Virtue of Service in University Life

1st Edition

By Bruce Macfarlane
April 06, 2010

With increasing focus on excellence in research and teaching, the service role of the individual academic is often neglected. This book calls for greater recognition of this important aspect of academic life, highlighting the importance of mentoring, committee work and pastoral care in the daily ...

Changing Identities in Higher Education Voicing Perspectives

Changing Identities in Higher Education: Voicing Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Ronald Barnett, Roberto Di Napoli
September 18, 2009

In this timely and innovative book scholars from Europe, the UK, North America and Australia, explore their own sense of identity, reflecting both on their research and scholarly interests, and their work experiences. Taking the form of a debate, Changing Identities in Higher Education helps to ...

Citizenship and Higher Education The Role of Universities in Communities and Society

Citizenship and Higher Education: The Role of Universities in Communities and Society

1st Edition

Edited By James Arthur, Karen Bohlin
September 18, 2009

What are the obligations of the university to society and its communities? What are the virtues of university education? What are the university's ethical responsibilities to its students? The role of citizenship and civic responsibility in higher education is a highly contested yet crucial element...

Universities, Ethics and Professions Debate and Scrutiny

Universities, Ethics and Professions: Debate and Scrutiny

1st Edition

Edited By John Strain, Ronald Barnett, Peter Jarvis
April 14, 2009

Every business and organization today needs to impress stakeholders with its ethics policy. Universities, Ethics and Professions examines how this emphasis on ethics by the professional world is impacting universities, institutions that have long been key contributors to ethical reflection and ...

Towards the Virtuous University The Moral Bases of Academic Practice

Towards the Virtuous University: The Moral Bases of Academic Practice

1st Edition

By Jon Nixon
September 07, 2009

A good university is invariably assumed to be one which is managerially effective in terms of its economic efficiency, and is judged in terms of entrepreneurialism, self-promotion and competitive innovation. This book argues that in the majority of institutions, these goals are being pursued to the...

Higher Education and Sustainable Development Paradox and Possibility

Higher Education and Sustainable Development: Paradox and Possibility

1st Edition

By Stephen Gough, William Scott
June 29, 2009

The ‘Key Issues in Higher Education’ series aims to raise both awareness and the standards of debate on the fundamental issues that lie at the very heart of higher education and intends to assist national and international debate. Higher Education and Sustainable Development examines whether it is ...

The Challenge to Scholarship Rethinking Learning, Teaching and Research

The Challenge to Scholarship: Rethinking Learning, Teaching and Research

1st Edition

By Gill Nicholls
June 29, 2009

The Challenge to Scholarship is a lively and engaging investigation that seeks to establish what it means to be a scholar and the value of scholarship. It addresses current concerns and tensions including the scholarship of teaching and the relationship between teaching and research.Gill Nicholls ...

Understanding Teaching Excellence in Higher Education Towards a Critical Approach

Understanding Teaching Excellence in Higher Education: Towards a Critical Approach

1st Edition

By Alan Skelton
October 20, 2005

What makes a university teacher 'excellent'? As debates rage about whether this is down to subject knowledge, communication skills, taking a research-led approach or being a technological whiz, this book provides the first in-depth examination of teaching excellence in higher education. Identifying...

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