1st Edition

Key Issues in Organizational Communication

Edited By Owen Hargie, Dennis Tourish Copyright 2004
    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    It is often said that the practice of management is in crisis, and that managers are now finding it harder than ever to develop strategies which withstand the shocks of the marketplace. This illuminating book cuts through these conflicting issues to show how organizational communication plays a vital role in confronting uncertainty.

    Arguing that many managers fail to adequately consider the communication consequences of the decision making process and its impact on organizational effectiveness, Hargie and Tourish present here numerous organizational communication insights, and show how they reveal a way through these dilemmas.

    Based on cutting-edge research findings and case studies, this book features contributions from the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Norway, bringing multiple perspectives to this topical subject. The result is a comprehensive guide to organizational communication useful for managers, academics and students.

    1. The Crisis of Management and the Role of Organisational Communication 2. The Communication Consequences of Downsizing Trust, Loyalty and Commitment 3. Communicating about Organizational Uncertainty 4. Managing Change: Communication and Political Process 5. Communication without Frontiers: The Impact of Technology upon Organisations 6. Knowledge Management and/as Organizational Communication 7. The Tyranny Of Trends? Towards an Alternative Perspective on Fads in Management 8. Intelligent Emotions Management 9. Blending Attitudes and Motivation: A Key Cocktail 10. Communication Competence In Cross-Cultural Business Interactions 11. Conceptualising Involvement, Participation and Workplace Decision Processes: A Communication Theory Perspective 12. Motivating Critical Upward Communication: A Key Challenge for Management Decision-Making 13. Organizational Culture: Liberation or Entrapment? 14. Organisational Communication Ethics: Directions for Critical Inquiry and Application 15. How are we Doing? Measuring and Monitoring Organisational Communication


    Dennis Tourish is Professor of Communication at Aberdeen Business School in the Robert Gordon University.
    Owen Hargie is Professor of Communication at University of Ulster, and Adjunct Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

    'This is a valuable addition to the literature in the field of organizational communication, and is certainly appropriate for introductory courses in organizational communication. Also, it is undoubtedly of value in defining and delineating the field, and as such could be a useful read for the initiators and members of the network of organizational communication taking shape right now.' - Bart van der Hooff, University of Amsterdam, in Communications 29

    'This book provides an excellent overview of current managerial topics, seen from a communication perspective. It has a good chance of becoming a leading influence on managers and students alike, as they try to understand the interplay between changing values and strategies, and between dynamic institutions and their own communication management skills.' - Professor Betteke van Ruler, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    'I was deeply impressed by the clear and novel thinking as well as the passion and sense of urgency that these scholars bring to bear on some of the most critical issues facing contemporary organisations. The field of Organisational Communication is very much alive and well.' - Professor Brad Jackson, Victoria Management School, Australia

    'Organizational Communication studies too easily fall into either the trap of simplistic prescription, or esoteric critique. This text avoids both by engaging real issues in a critical way.' - Professor Greg Hearn, Queensland University of Technology, Australia