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Key Texts in Victorian Photography

About the Series

This series offers a collection of themed sourcebooks, curated by scholars from a variety of fields. As well as reproducing well-known texts from photography's history, each volume also introduces significant lesser-known pieces, inviting fresh discussion and new ways of thinking about photography throughout the long nineteenth century.

  • Groundbreaking and original introductory essays that help students make connections between photography's history and our own cultural moment
  • User-friendly primary texts with helpful notes and suggested reading
  • Innovative curating, bringing together fundamentally significant texts with the aim of supporting and inspiring new teaching and scholarly initiatives
  • Thematically driven selections
  • Re-assessment and redefinition of the growing field of interdisciplinary photographic studies

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Color and Victorian Photography

Color and Victorian Photography

1st Edition

Edited By Lindsay Smith
August 05, 2020

Nineteenth-century photography is usually thought of in terms of ‘black and white’ images, but intense experimentation with generating and fixing colors pre-dated the public announcement of the daguerreotype in 1839. Introducing readers to the long, frequently overlooked story of the relationship ...

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