The Third Edition of this best-selling guide to the Key Topics in Chronic Pain has now expanded its remit to include material on acute pain management also. In addition, the existing material has been completely updated to reflect new activity in the field of anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy, amongst other topics.

    Introduction - What Are Pain Services?  Anatomy and Physiology.  Applying Evidence in Clinical Practice.  Assessment of Chronic Pain - History.  Assessment of Chronic Pain - Examination. Back Pain - Injections.  Back Pain - Medical Management.  Back Pain - Surgery.  Burns.  Chest Pain.  Depression and Pain. Facial Pain.  Headache. Immunodeficiency Disease and Pain.  Irritable Bowel and Oesophageal Pain.  Multiple Sclerosis.  Musculoskeletal Pain Syndromes.  Neck Pain.  Nerve Blocks and Therapeutic Lesions.  Nerve Blocks in Cancer Pain Management.  Nerve Blocks - Infusion Techniques in Chronic Pain.  Nerve Blocks - Local Anaesthetics.  Nerve Blocks - Sympathetic System.  Neuralgia and Peripheral Neuropathy.  Neuralgia - Post Herpetic.  Neuralgia - Trigeminal and Glossopharyngeal.  Neuromata, Scars and Chronic Post-Surgical Pain.  Neuromodulation - TENS, Acupuncture and Laser Photobiomodulation.  Neuromodulation - Spinal Cord, Peripheral Nerve and Brain Stimulation.  Neurosurgical Techniques.  Osteoarthritis.  Pelvic and Vulval Pain.  Pregnancy. Psychosocial assessment. Psychosocial Management.  Special Circumstances - Children.  Special Circumstances - The Elderly.  Special Circumstances - Learning Difficulties. Spinal Cord Injury.  Stroke.  Sympathetic Nervous System and Pain.  Therapy - Antiarrhythmics.  Therapy - Anticonvulsants.  Therapy - Antidepressants.  Therapy - Anti-Inflammatory Drugs.  Therapy - Botulinum Toxin.  Therapy - Cannabinoids.  Therapy - Capsaicin.  Therapy - Ketamine and other NMDA Antagonists.  Therapy - Opioids in Chronic Pain.  Therapy - Paracetamol.


    Kate M. Grady, Andrew M. Severn, Paul R. Eldridge