1st Edition

Kierkegaard and Philosophy Selected Essays

By Alastair Hannay Copyright 2003
    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    Kierkegaard and Philosophy makes many of the most important papers on Kierkegaard available in one place for the first time. These seventeen essays, written over a period of over twenty years, have all been substantially revised or specially prepared for this collection, with a new introduction by the author.

    In the first part, Alastair Hannay concentrates on Kierkegaard's central philosophical writings, offering closely text-based accounts of the silent concepts Kierkegaard uses. The second part shows the relevance of other thinkers' treatments of shared themes, pointing out where they differ from Kierkegaard. The concluding chapter provides a reason Kierkegaard himself would give for disagreeing with those who claim his texts are infinitely interpretable.

    Written by the world's foremost Kierkegaard scholar and translator, Kierkegaard and Philosophy is an indispensible resource for all students of Kierkegaard's work.

    Part I. Philosophy 1. Climacus at the APA 2. Philosophy of Mind 3. Faith and Probability 4. Having Lessing on One's Side 5. Spirit and the Idea of the Self as a Reflexive Relation 6. Basic Despair 7. A Question of Continuity 8. The 'What' in the 'How' Part II. Connections and Confrontations 9. Commitment and Paradox 10. Humour and the Irascible Soul 11. Proximity and Apartness 12. Levelling and Einebnung 13. Solitary Souls and Infinite Help 14. Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark Revisited 15. Two Ways of Coming Back to Reality: Kierkegaard and Lukacs 16. Nietzsche/Kierkegaard: Prospects for Dialogue? 17. Decisively Disconnected.


    Alastair Hannay

    'Alastair Hannay has made an immense contribution to Kierkegaard scholarship. In this volume he draws on his wide knowledge of Kierkegaard's life, publications, and journal entries to provide a sharp and sustained focus on the philosophical content of Kierkegaard work. The result is a lively sense of the range and relevance of the many-faceted thought of this absolutely essential figure.' - Hubert Dreyfus, University of California at Berkeley

    'Kierkegaard's writings are difficult territory, and Alastair Hannay is the most reliable of guides.' - Jonathan Ree, editor of Kierkegaard: a Critical Reader

    'Alastair Hannay is certainly a reliable guide. Scholarly, without being weighed down by his learning, his essays cover a wide range of topics and are written in a clear and accessible style.'