1st Edition

Kierkegaard's Authorship A Guide to the Writings of Kierkegaard

    First published in English in 1968, Kierkegaard's Authorship begins with a brief account of the life and meaning of Kierkegaard and concludes with the brief treatment of his relation to multifaceted existentialism. By reviewing the total authorship and by making available much of the fruit of widespread research, this work throws into relief Kierkegaard’s central purposes and makes it possible to avoid some of the dubious interpretations which have grown out of more narrowly selective study.

    This critical introduction and guide is especially important because Kierkegaard’s style was deliberately indirect and distorted and even more because half of the works are actually antagonistic to Kierkegaard’s own views. By the pseudonymous works he intended to lead into truth through a process of frustration, provoking the reader into existence. In another sense, the body of the book is also a biography for, in a degree perhaps without parallel in world history, the library which he created was his deed and life. This is an important read for scholars and researchers of Philosophy specially existentialism.

    Preface 1. The Meaning of Kierkegaard 2. The Aesthetic Literature 3. The Christian Writings 4. Miscellaneous Writings 5. Kierkegaard and Existentialism Notes Index


    George E. Arbaugh and George B. Arbaugh