1st Edition

Kings and Lords in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem

By Hans Eberhard Mayer Copyright 1994
    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    In the present volume, the third selection of his articles to be published, Professor Mayer deals with questions of royal authority and power in the Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem. He first examines the relationship between the monarchy and the Church, questions of royal succession, and aspects of the royal chancery, but is also concerned to trace the king’s efforts to create a new clientele of loyal vassals. The second group of studies reverses the perspective, and looks at the origins and development of the lordships of the kingdom, notably at the important county of Jaffa and at the role of the Ibelin, the most significant family in the land.

    Contents: Die Hofkapelle der Könige von Jerusalem; The succession to Baldwin II of Jerusalem: English impact on the East; The Concordat of Nablus; Angevins versus Normans: the new men of King Fulk of Jerusalem; Guillaume de Tyr à l’école; Fontevrault und Bethanien: Kirchliches Leben in Anjou and Jerusalem im 12. Jahrhundert; Das syrische Erdbeben von 1170: ein unedierter brief König Amalrichs von Jerusalem;Vier jerusalemitanische Königsurkunden für Pisa: echt, gefälscht oder verunechtet?; Die Legitimität Balduins IV. von Jerusalem und das Testament der Agnes von Courtenay; Henry II of England and the Holy Land; The origins of the county of Jaffa; The double county of Jaffa and Ascalon: one fief or two; John of Jaffa, his opponents and his fiefs; The origins of the lordships of Ramla and Lydda in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem; Carving up crusaders: the early Ibelins and Ramlas; Manasses of Hierges in East and West; The wheel of fortune: seignorial vicissitudes under kings Fulk and Baldwin III of Jerusalem; Die Herrschaftsbildung in Hebron; Index.


    Hans Eberhard Mayer