This book covers the work each person needs to do in laying a strong foundation for career development in healthcare, providing some background on typical career problems and their causes, and some strategies for getting in the right frame of mind for exploring individual's career. .

    Part One: Getting started 1. Introduction 2. Setting the scene 3. Getting into the right state of mind Part Two: The groundwork 4. Why do we work? Money 5. Why else do we work? Meaning 6. What sort of person are you? 7. What’s important to you in life? 8. What’s important about you? 9. What are your assets? 10. What lies between you and your ideal career? Part Three: Let’s get practical 11. Making sense of it all 12. Getting motivated 13. The three essential ingredients of career exploration 14. Action! 15. The top ten tips for a happy and successful career


    Anita Houghton