1st Edition

Knowledge-Based Intelligent Techniques in Character Recognition

Edited By Lakhmi C. Jain, Beatrice Lazzerini Copyright 1999
    312 Pages
    by CRC Press

    308 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Knowledge-Based Intelligent Techniques in Character Recognition presents research results on intelligent character recognition techniques, reflecting the tremendous worldwide interest in the applications of knowledge-based techniques in this challenging field.
    This resource will interest anyone involved in computer science, computer engineering, applied mathematics, or related fields. It will also be of use to researchers, application engineers and students who wish to develop successful character recognition systems such as those used in reading addresses in a postal routing system or processing bank checks.


    An Introduction to Character Recognition - L.C. Jain and B. Lazzerini
    Recognition of Handwritten Digits in the Real World by a Neocognitron - H. Shouno, K. Fukushima and M. Okada
    Recognition of Rotated Patterns Using Neocognitron - S. Satoh, J. Kunoiwa, H. Aso and S. Miyuke
    Soft Computing Approach to Hand-written Numeral Recognition - J. F. Baldwin, T. P. Martin, and O. Stylianidis
    Handwritten Character Recognition Using an MLP - F. Sorbello, G. A. M. Gioiello, and S. Vitabile
    Signature Verification Based on Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm - J. N. K. Liu, and G. S. K. Fung
    Application of a Generic Neural Network to Handwritten Digit Classification - D. S. Banarse and A. Duller
    High-speed Recognition of Handwritten Amounts On Italian Checks - B. Lazzerini, L. M. Reyneri , F. Gregoretti, and A. Mariani
    Off-line Handwritten Word Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models - A. El-Yacoubi, R. Sabourin, M. Gilloux and C. Y. Suen
    Off-line Handwriting Recognition with Context Dependent Fuzzy Rules - A. Malaviya, F. Ivancic, J. Balasubramaniam and L. Peters
    License-plate Recognition - M. H. Brugge, J. A. G. Nijihuis, L. Spaanenburg, and J. H. Stevens


    Lakhmi C. Jain, Beatrice Lazzerini