1st Edition

Knowledge, Concepts And Categories

Edited By Koen Lamberts, David Shanks Copyright 1997
    478 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    This text brings together an overview of recent research on concepts and knowledge that abstracts across a variety of specific fields of cognitive psychology. Readers will find data from many different areas, including developmental psychology, formal modelling, neuropsychology and connectionism.

    Knowledge and concept learning, E. Heit; concepts and similarity, U. Hahn and N. Chater; hierarchical structure in concepts and the basic level of categorization, G.L. Murphy and M. Lassaline; conceptual combination, J. Hampton; perceiving and remembering - category stability, variability and development, L. Smith and L.K. Samuelson; distributed representations and implicit knowledge - a brief introduction, D.R. Shanks; declarative and nondeclarative knowledge - insights from cognitive neuroscience, B. Knowlton; implicit learning and unconscious knowledge - mental representation, computational mechanisms and brain structures, T. Goschke; the representation of general and particular knowledge, W.A. Whittlesea; process models of categorization, K. Lamberts; learning functional relations based on experience with input-output pairs by humans and artificial neural networks, J.R. Busemeyer et al; formal methods for intracategorial structure that can be used for data analysis.


    Koen Lamberts, David Shanks